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Anderson stumbles over his own feet, this time unable to catch his fall and goes plummeting to the solid mud road.

His nose crunches under the impact, his wrist twisting into an unnatural angle. I pause as he begins to dry heave in the middle of the road, spitting out phlegm and bile that rises up his throat.

I sigh.

We hadn't been walking long at all and he was acting as if he had an excuse for all the dramatics.

Obviously, his dramatics were somewhat justified now that I see his body failing him. I had expected a werewolf as strong as himself to have lasted a little longer.

I leave him on the ground and wonder into the woods flanking the road we had followed for the last week.

I sneak through the trees, my instincts leading my seemingly aimless journey. It isn't long before I find what I'm looking for.

A majestic doe freezes in the middle of a small clearing, eyes wide as she tracks my movements.

It isn't long before it's hypnotised by my beauty, just like every other being on this planet. The doe relaxes as I approach.

I trail a lone finger down its spine, the smooth fur twitching under my hand.

This doe doesn't seem the biggest but it'll have to do.

I break it's neck and heave it's lifeless body onto my shoulders, thumping my way back to the road.

I find Anderson spread across the road in his wolf form, heaving and panting, almost lifeless.

I drop the deer beside his prone body.

His eyes turn wild, the irises shining dangerously in the harsh sunlight, his gaze only briefly connecting with mine before he tears viciously into the flesh of the deer.

I sit by the edge of the road, watching the desperate survival instinct controlling his frenzied hunger.

This was a new side to him.

A stronger side of him.

We share a look of appreciation, him for the meal and me for the display of ferocity I had been hoping for.


Finally the confirmation that his life was still worth something to me.

I just needed to make sure he embraces this side of himself, something he had quite obviously been trying to repress.

See, the thing about this earth that has always confused me is their perception of right and wrong, their desperate need to hide everything dark.

Me and my demons are one, I have nothing to hide.

It seems Anderson did.

That'll definitely have to change if he was to be of any use to me.

I smirk, a sliver of excitement running down my spine.

Time to show him my demons, my evils, the reason this earth will know me as Death.

Then he'll dismiss the facade he still seems to be holding.

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