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Tension rolls through his body.

The closer I get, the more strain I see him put in not to move.

He doesn't even flinch when he finds me right in front of him. Not a twitch. He doesn't dare.

At least, that's what I think.

All at once, I notice Anderson lean forward, his hand rising and his eyes all the while locked on my now distracted ones.

Coiling his hand around the back of my neck, his eyes search for something in mine, but the second his skin touches me my anger simmers to a a smaller heat. Lust.

"Calm down Death. You're fucking hot when you're angry but let's not do something we'll both regret."

Anderson talks gently. Almost to the point where you'd think he's talking to an animal.

But he still doesn't get it. I can't feel regret. It's just not something that Nick made me capable of.

Taking the opportunity now, I lean forwards, minimising the space between us. I connect my lips with his warm, slightly chapped ones and sigh in bliss.

The hand that isn't still holding my neck wraps around my waist and pulls our body's together, so close that I can feel every lump and bump.

He isn't lying when he says my anger gets him off.

Getting carried away, Anderson reaches for my thighs and easily lifts me until I secure my legs around his waist. I allow him as the pleasure continues to roll through my body.

It intensifies with each swipe of his tongue, each bite, each squeeze.

I do something I've never done before, at least not subconsciously. I moan. I moan as a mutt thrusts into me.

I snap.

Fucking wolf.

Driving me insane.

I rake my nails into his back and in retaliation he slams me against the nearby roughened tree. The bark digs into my spine and creates a delicious burn across the delicacy of my heated skin.

I slip out of his hold on my thighs, choosing rather to tear his clothes off and be productive.

Stark naked and still kissing me with enthusiasm Anderson hesitates.

"Are we really doing this?"

His voice is deeper than usual, face flushed, breathing heavy.

"Might as well."

His eyes flash with something primal.

Nick makes all of my clothes disappear.

Anderson groans again as he appreciates my body before he's pulled me close again.

Sinking his teeth into my shoulder he slides into me...

...and I scream.


Didn't realise how far I went until I read it over for spelling mistakes. Wow.

I mean sure, why not. Hope that isn't too cringy but can't be asked to change.

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