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(Edited 7/2/19)

"Let me tell you something Mutt," I growl as I clamp my hand around his muzzle, glaring right back at his hateful eyes. "I may not feel much but right now I'm about as angry as they fucking come. I have the patience of a fucking saint but if you disobey me one more time I will tear the life out of you this instant and only feel pleasure."

I tighten my grip when he tries to bare his teeth and watch as he winces from my barely demonstrated strength.

"Is that fucking clear?" I proceed calmly, staring him down until his gaze drops as low as our position allows. "Answer me!"

"Yes Alpha."

I throw his face to the floor and watch as he remains frozen under my furious gaze.

"Don't degrade me with your pathetic hierarchies. My name is Death. Now get up."

I walk away before I see him rise, trying to ease my rage by shattering a few trees on my journey.

A few hours and I was already rethinking my plans. I knew the living were annoying but i'd never anticipated anything like this.

"May I ask a question?"

"No you may not but you'll answer some of mine."

He huffs but soon silences when I send him a glare. Fucking Coward.

"State your name Mutt," I demand, despite already knowing it. He'd be stupid to believe that I didn't after laying out his entire life before him. I wanted to see whether he would still challenge me.

"Swift Anderson, but you already knew that."

"Watch it," I warn, not sparing him a glance. "Why were you attacked by a Wizard?"

"How do..." his question trails off, seemingly learning from his mistakes. "I killed his daughter, half wizard-half wolf."

"Good. Who is this wizard?"

"Titus Groom."


"I don't know."

"Honey, I could read your mind like the back of my hand but it'll be painful for you. Answer my questions."

"I don't know!" He lies, angry at my suspicion and backtracks when I slow my pace to glare at him. "...where all the others are I presume..."

"In Chad."

I look back at him and he ducks his head under my gaze. I narrow my eyes, suspicious.

He is lying. Acting.

Acting as if he has submitted to me.

It's killing him, I can tell.

Oh, how amusing.

"What are you?"

I stop walking and crouch before him, his eye twitches with his agonising restraint.

I grab the top of his muzzle and push it down so that he has to look up at me, the extra effort to do so by him showing my dominance.

Wolves and their dominance/submission bullshit.

"What am I?" I ask slowly, casually, almost singing my response. "I am Death. Beautiful and heartless. I am this worlds worst nightmare. And I cannot die. So I suggest you do as I say and stop questioning me."

Taking him by surprise, I smash his head against the floor. He falls unconscious immediately.

But no overwhelming pleasure so he is still alive. How unfortunate.

I sigh.

I am determined to see this plan through but this mutt is testing my patience. Apparently I am not as saintly as I first thought.

I grab him by the tail and drag him along behind me as I make my way to Chad, weaving through the trees and heaving him over logs.

Considering we are somewhere in Peru, this may take a while.

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