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"Who's playing the games now bitch?" Ansel gloats as he looks me up and down.

I'm sweating like a bitch in heat, he's right about that at least.

My entire body feels like it's crawling with bugs. Underneath my skin.

It's bloody frustrating when my own nails can't pierce my own skin.

I feel a growl rumble in my chest. The ferocity in which it bursts out takes Ansel by surprise.

I'd never compare myself to a mutt but that growl could rival Anderson's.

In a split second decision I spread myself against the bars that don't give me half as much pain as I wished they would.

"This feels like forplay," I grin and giggle, "let's play another game huh?"

A distraction. A distraction is all I need.

Ansel plonks down in his desk chair, spinning to my general direction to hear me clearer.

Briefly I take the time to once again notice he's locked me in his spare bloody office. That's what he'd called it at least. The place was small and entirely made of metal but you can hardly expect a wizard to do paperwork.

"This isn't forplay."

"I think it's hot."

"As hideously beautiful as you are creation, I don't bat for your team."

"Honey, there is no sexuality when it comes to Death. Everyone wants to fuck me, you can be the gayest prick on this planet. I don't like lies."

I knew he was bloody gay. I could tell that the second he cast a spell on me, he wasn't exactly butch about it. Just looking at him I swear I felt my arsehole stretch.

"Let's play truth or dare," I suggest. More of a thinly veiled demand to which Ansel relaxes and rolls his eyes. If that isn't a go ahead I don't know what is.

It doesn't surprise me when he speaks up first.

"I dare you to kill yourself."

He spins his chair directly towards me now. That has his attention at least. He moves no closer though.

"You didn't ask me which one I wanted."

"Just do it."

"What if I wanted a truth?"

"Fine! Truth or dare?"


Ansel sighs dramatically and seems to realise just how pathetic it is that he's playing along.

But he's distracted. Somewhat. Not enough.

"Kill yourself."

"Can't. You think I want to be here?"

"It was a long shot. Take off your top."

I do as dared, just to get things going.

And now he's fixated. I wiggle the bars a little to find that, even distracted I wouldn't be able to move them enough.

I had my bloody chance and I blew it.

"Truth or dare."


"Move within reaching distance."

"So you can kill me? As if."

"So I can see you."

I give a good bat of the eyelashes to help the decision.

He wheels his way closer, staring directly into my eyes the entire time. Pupils.

I make my pupils expand to keep up the act. It's not hard when you have complete control of every muscle in your body.

He sees.

I hide my smugness when his pupils expand to match mine.

"Truth or dare," comes his slightly huskier question.


"Do you find me attractive?"


Even his bald head blushes.

There we go.

He's in the haze now.

Just to get him a little closer.

Noises start rumbling from the hallways, instantly putting me on high alert but I make sure to keep my expression schooled.

Ansel doesn't hear it at first, not until the door crashes open and Anderson stumbles in.

I lunge at him through the bars, barely catching the right lapel of his trench coat in my fist before I'm able to drag him to my with such force that he falls through his own bars.

Taking my chance and running with the fucker this time, no hesitation, I press a lethal kiss against his lips. Even slip him a bit of tongue.

He tastes like Indians.

The wizard crumples, unconscious but not dead. Nick must know of my plans.

"Death!" Anderson exclaims with an excited grin.

He's never looked so much like a puppy until that moment. Never looked more like a dirty mutt either, his eyes linger lower than they should.

Unfazed by my own nudity but aware that I won't have Anderson attention until I clothe I put on my top half.

My eyes linger on him for a few more seconds than I anticipated before shifting to my weapons bag.

How cute, he'd come to save the day.

I give him a quick once over.

He's naked.

Covered in blood.

Nothing unusual.

"Are you injured?" I find myself asking, scanning every inch of his body.

"Nah but you look like you've been dragged through a bush."

I hum.

"It's hot."

I narrow my eyes but hum again.

"Really hot."

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