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I shiver in delight as the wizard spell seeps into my bloodstream and sets me alight from within. The pain is glorious, like nothing I'd ever felt before.

I lick my lips and flick my hair back, eyes singling out the only wizard left in these parts.

He was goddamn powerful, I'll give the depraved fucker that much.

His balding, monk inspired hairstyle catches the light and shines rainbows around the room. Other than that and the awful dress sense the man was about as gorgeous as you can get.

And if I've taught the pathetic earthlings anything, it's that beauty is a mask.

"Death, death, death," the wizard taunts from the other side of the magic cage.

I'd forgotten that I wasn't immune to magic. Oh well, the wizard would die soon enough and I was quite enjoying the torture as of yet.

"You can't kill me, I'm a bad bitch," he announces proudly, a grin curving the edge of his lips. "Do you not know where thats from. Look, Wait, I'll show you."

To my utter and complete frustration he once again whips out his phone, this time showing me a video of some human thing.

"Give me a higher dose of pain will ya?"

"What are you exactly?"


"And I'm Ansel, lovely to meet you," the wizard smile, a small twitch now showing in his steely facade. "Ohhhh. You must be the creation. Of course. How stupid of me."


"Would it be cheesy for me to say I've been expecting you?"

"Amp it up, you're being stingy. Or weak."

I grab ahold of his silver electrocution bars and tug. They won't budge of course but I know what I'm doing.

The pain in my body finally increases as does my breathing at the stimulation.

"You are quite a sight."


I groan.

"Well you are an interesting little thing but I have some errands to do before bed, I really must get going. I'll come see you again in the morning."

"More," I growl through gritted teeth.

He smiles.


And leaves.

I've tried to die within fire before. It did nothing, barely made me flinch. This is real fire.

I can feel it eating away at my toughened organs, destroying them just as quickly as they repair themselves.

Breathing laboured I spread across the floor of my magically forged prison and watch the pink ceiling blur with my fatigue.

I grin. If I'd known wizards were this good, I'd have tried to erase them years ago.

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