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I watch as Anderson snaps the remaining mans neck, dropping his prone body off of the boat and straightening out his ruffled clothing.

He doesn't look at me, unable to see the life in my eyes as his own eyes spark with the excitement of a fight.

2 vamipires, a Cupid and a half a dozen humans all soon to be washed up on some beach.

Now, with the boat to ourselves I set out to the control centre to get us on course.

Except I haven't the slightest clue as to what to do. Nick takes a few seconds too long trying to feed me the knowledge, being the lazy fucker he is.

Anderson brushes past me and begins setting the place up himself, expertly clicking and twisting things. I flicked a few switches experimentally which he patiently switched back, cautiously nudging me out the way.

I raise an eyebrow, slightly shocked by his audacity but more amused that anything.

"When you're finished in here you can go wash the blood off the deck."

His eyes shoot to mine, anger barely hiding behind the surface of his blank stare.

"That ain't my mess, you can clear the fucker up."

I laugh.

"Oh, can I now?" I mock, cocking my head. "You seem to forget who you're talking to."

He hesitates before he speaks again, not so confident. "We both know you wouldn't kill me..."

He cautiously cowers back as I approach him, he freezes as I run a single finger down his jaw, guiding him to look at me.

"Oh, honey," I fake pity, secretly hoping he says the wrong thing, almost feeling the pleasure his death would give me. "I was created for the purpose to kill. In fact, it's the only thing on this earth that keeps me satisfied. What makes you think I wouldn't enjoy your death?"

I bite his lip, hard enough to make it bleed and pull away with a laugh as he tries to stutter a reply.

He wipes a single drop of blood from his chin, continuing to glare at me.

"Do the boat," I pat his cheek. "And then clean the deck. I'll be diving for mermaids if you need anything."

I leave with a wink, smiling in victory with another battle one.

Victory usually meant death, it's strange knowing I can play with him again later.


Just realised how creepy this must seem to other people. I promise I'm not some creepy ass serial killer.

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