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"Who are you?"

"Take us to your Alpha, pup."

"You mind who you're talking to little lady," the werewolf patroller growls, his ugly face twisting to look even uglier. "This is my packs territory so I suggest you tell me your names before I kill you for trespassing."

I scoff, half amused half annoyed at the werewolf's audacity.

"No need to get your tail in a twist little guy. Just take us to your alpha and I won't kill you for your disrespect."

He glances at Anderson from the corner of his eye before glaring back at me and stalking even closer.

"A pretty little thing like you wouldn't be capable of killing sweetheart. Name."

I sigh, grab a knife from my pocket and slit his throat in a way where he drowns in his own blood.

His eyes immediately widen, legs giving out beneath him as he gurgles and coughs.

He's not even completely dead before the packs warriors have us surrounded.

"You shout if you need help Anderson."

"I can hold my own."

Almost in sync we lunge forward, me sticking one of my larger knives through a sweet looking lady's heart and Anderson shifting into his wolf, ripping another set of clothes to shreds, and tearing into the crowd of still shifting werewolves.

This goes on steadily for about ten minutes, they continue to come, the pack seemingly bigger than suspected, or at least their amount of warriors were.

I can almost sense Anderson's energy starting to drain, he wasn't one for stamina and his slower movements gave the newly joined wolves a chance to nip at him.

Anderson lets out a feral roar when his hind leg gets broken in the jaws of a feisty looking female. He just about holding his own but the female continues to latch onto him like some leach while he's distracted by attack's from other directions.

She drops dead when one of my knives sink between her eyes and Anderson immediately goes for the kill with the group of wolves he was barely holding off. I send another few knives into the group he was fighting, the distraction giving my own attackers the chance to bite me.

I can practically see the hope drain from their eyes when they can't pierce my skin.

I rip a few heads off, slit a few more throats, crush the occasional spine and before I know it everyone except me and Anderson are dead and we're standing among a giant mass of secreting bodies.

I step my way out, glancing Anderson over quickly.

He had a few cuts, blood matting his fur and his hind leg still isn't healed as he keeps limping but nothing too harmful. I'm not sure he'd last in another fight though.

My gaze is torn away quickly when I notice a huge conga line of children being ushered into vehicles, women frantically hurrying them along.

I take a step towards them but falter when Anderson's bloody human form steps in front of me.

"Don't you even think about it. That's disgusting."

"It's my job."

"They're children. They aren't evil! Do you not understand how awful that is?"

"How do you not understand that everything on this god forsaken earth is evil! There is no innocence, no purity, even among children. I'm death, I've been sent here to eradicate everything living from this earth."

"You said only evil."

"And I didn't lie. You believed your own assumptions and beliefs."

I look over to see anyone left of the pack had taken off in the remaining vehicles.

I lash out in anger, slashing my knife across Anderson's chest. I point my bloodied knife at him accusingly, absolutely seething.

"Now they've taken all the vehicles. You've just guaranteed your own death. Kill or be killed Anderson, there's no morals or god about it!"

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