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(Edited 16/09/18)

I wipe some of the sweat from my face as I hoist my way over the rocky edge. Usually I wouldn't break a sweat but after swimming through a volcano for the past three months I think I'm allowed to this once.

I balance myself on the very edge of the volcano looking out at the landscape before me. Nothing as far as the eye could see. No idea where I am.

It'll take me at least another month to get out of that forest it seems.

I never heard of Rock or Ice getting into these bloody situations. Actually no, scratch that. Rock died of a STI and Ice died from heartbreak, in comparison I guess a long swim in a volcano is nothing.

Nick eliminated disease in his creation after Rock's active sexual endeavours, the rumours really are disturbing, I occasionally use the imagery to torture my victims. After Ice Nick eliminated just about every positive emotion so I could never care for a person enough to die from heartbreak. Heartbreak of all things. Granted before that she'd almost cleansed the entire earth in 52,000 years which is pretty fucking quick.

I've been here almost half that now but the population is insane at the moment. Everyone seems to be fucking like bunnies.

At a loss as to a quicker way down I just dive down the edge of the mountain and let my indestructible body do the work.

It takes a while to roll down the mountain fully and when I do I'm stopped by another fucking hole. Thankfully no more bloody lava this time.

The hole is quite obviously manmade but easy enough to heave myself out of. I find myself in the middle of the forest I'd been looking over.

I slump back onto the ground and let my sweaty body sink into the earth.


My head falls to the side as I search for the booming voice. Instinctively I know it's Nick talking through another body.

I grunt in response and watch as the looming figure of a wizard shuffles from behind a tree.

The man is quite heavy set, almost bursting out of your standard wizard outfit; long baggy clothes with runes burnt into everything.


"NICK!" I interrupt, dragging myself up to stand before the overweight wizard. "Stop shouting, fucking hell!"

"I DEMAND RESPECT FROM YOU GIRL!" Nick's possession continues to roar.

I stare at the fat man in the eyes, deadpan.

Nick was clearly in a mood with me, had been ever since I'd targeted his precious fairies. The depraved creatures were apparently very dear to him.

A pause lingers in the air for a few minutes before Nick speaks through the wizard again.

"Kill the wizards quickly, they're rapidly gaining power and I have very little resources to protect you with when it comes to that!"

The man still insists on yelling but in comparison to the roar it'll have to do. I don't respond but Nick seems to get the message and leaves quickly so I can deal with torturing the wizard for some new information.

Quickly I undo my cloak, prepared and happy for the wizard to try and project his torture onto myself with the lack of anti-magic.

This wizard in particular wasn't all that strong but projection was a simple lesson he should have definitely mastered by now.

Let's hope anyway, otherwise these next few days will be just as torturous for myself.

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