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"I'm pulling over. You can drive for a few hours."

Anderson grunts and stretches from his cramped position. The truck was big but not quite big enough to satisfy his werewolf stature.

"Tired?" He asks huskily, blinking his eyes in my direction.

"I don't tire but this is an extremely tedious task, one in which is perfect for you as you're easily entertained."

He sighs dramatically, leaning back into his chair as if what I asked of him was the end of the world. The human expression was somewhat accurate I guess, but it would likely take me much longer than a car ride to rid the world of all that is living.

"Do you seriously never feel anything?"


"That doesn't count, not if god, or dick or whatever his name is, gives it to you."

I look over to him.

I'm not oblivious, I can see exactly where this conversation is heading, I could see what he was hinting at, so I let the conversation drag through my curiosity of just what he was going to say.

"I find my own sexual pleasure," I respond watching as both Anderson face and trousers become tight.

It seems little innocent Anderson wasn't oblivious either.

"Nick enhanced and changed that before I entered his doll house and no longer has any say. Although he is able to change it if need be."

"What do you mean he could change it?"

"You do ask too many questions Anderson," I warn when I become bored. "For example, on a few occasions Nick has let my men live after intercourse so that I can interrogate them for information afterwards."

"Live? What do you mean live?"

I release a small chuckle at his horrified expression, smirking and hinting at him to catch on.

"They die... having sex with you?"

He looks awfully pale.

"Some don't survive a kiss. All don't survive release. Is that what you were looking for?" I watch his expression fall and he remains silent, seeming to feel quite ill after hearing that. "Nick made it so their orgasms are so powerful it makes their body's shut down."


Poor thing looks horrified.

I think it over. What I should tell him, what I shouldn't. Really I could tell him anything, my life was not on the line. I also had a feeling Nick wanted him to stick around, although I am not entirely sure why.

"The last creation almost failed. She found other things to focus on- love, friendship, sex. It meant she didn't focus on torture to satisfy her like I do which is why she was so quick in her time here. However it also made her vulnerable to people, specifically Sword who was her lover. He very nearly killed her. Nick created me so that I could not feel, and if I did that they would be gone straight after. I am quite surprised you have lasted so long," I announce, mulling over the possible plans Nick may have set for him. "Do you feel as though you are weakening?"

"I don't think so?"


I think it over a little more and we fall into a silence.

After a few minutes I leap out of my side and walk around to Anderson's so we can switch places and continue our journey.

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