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I bite at his bottom lip until I taste the coppery blood leak around my teeth. I pull back, grab hold of his neck and slam him against the wall.

I hear the wall crack slightly under my strength as I keep him pinned there. I don't cut off his breathing... too much but I do make sure that my power is obvious in the gesture.

I flick a knife out of my pocket and hold it against the belt of his jeans, threat in my eyes.

"I don't know why Nick wants you alive but I will not have you completely disobey and disrespect me again," I growl, squeezing his throat until his breath begins to wheeze. "Next time you try kiss me without my wholehearted consent I will rip your balls off and make you chew on the fuckers. And next time you answer back I'll cut your tongue out and shove it up your own arse."

Anger winning me over I slam Anderson one more time into the wall and slit a shallow cut across his shaft to punctuate my threats.

He shouts and grunts in pain, falling in a heap on the floor, breathing heavily, hands cupping the prized possession.

"You must have been doing a hell of a lot of praying recently for Nick to save you, you better be fucking grateful. Apparently he sees something useful but right now I see nothing and if this happens again I will not hesitate in showing you that you are nothing. Are we clear now Anderson?"


I watch him for a few seconds.

I wasn't really that angry honestly but he needed to learn his place. I'd clearly been too easy on him and that would get him killed.

I hum, expression still furious but on the inside I was glad he relinquished whatever control he thought he had so easily. Nick would not be pleased if I killed him, not after Anderson kissed me so fiercely for so long and Nick went out of his way to keep it from killing him.

I turn abruptly and leave, stomping my way away from the stupid pup. He definitely wasn't anything special but Nick was keeping him alive for a reason, one which he wouldn't tell me.

You know, I wouldn't even be surprised if Nick brought back the fairies in retaliation for me killing Anderson. He was too disappointed that I'd wiped out their sick and promiscuous species so soon, he'd jump at the opportunity.

I guess that gives me little choice. Of logical options anyway.

Anderson must live.

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