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Coffees with Luke & Audrey by owlsarelovely
Coffees with Luke & Audreyby stressed mess
"We're all looking for the same things in the end." She thinks people are mundane. He thinks people are fascinating. Somehow, they fall in love.
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The Alpha's Human Mate by eryherd23
The Alpha's Human Mateby eryherd23
Ember heard a knock on her door, and opened it. Five tall muscular men stood in front of her. One day Ember's normal life is twisted into a world she never thought excis...
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°HOME° Revision! BOOK 1 Kratos x Chubby!! Reader by Shirohana0w0
°HOME° Revision! BOOK 1 Kratos x 💮Shirohana💮
You used games as an escape from reality... Home was difficult, and it bore many trials and tribulation, but luckily you had a way to get through all the hell... Till yo...
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As I Am by Monst3rs
As I Amby Lindsay Alexandra
"Do you want to talk? You know, about everything?" Evan asks. He's staring up at the star-covered sky as he holds our brown bag of French fries. I finish my s...
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Then Came North (Hell's Legacy MC) book 1 by Joey-book-addicted
Then Came North (Hell's Legacy MC) J S Andersson
This is a sample of the published book... Willow's life was ripped apart when she lost her mum in a car accident. Having no other choice, she moves away, to live with h...
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Living with the Lockhart Boys by KristieBoo
Living with the Lockhart Boysby Kristen-Anne
When Cherry's friend died three and a half years ago, she spiralled into a depression fueled by grief, alcohol and self-harm. Her best friend pulled her through it, but...
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My Older Brother by macncheez03
My Older Brotherby Kenzie
Dove's life turned upside down when she turned 12, her Mother died of cancer and her older brother, Elliot, started ignoring and hating her for unknown reasons. 2...
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No Take Backs [Sequel To Black Girls Need Love Too] by RaysofKays
No Take Backs [Sequel To Black K
Fourteen year old Ariyana Revels and her twin Anthony Jamal Revels have always noticed the difference between them and their older sister Arabella, but nevertheless they...
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His Girl by sundrop18
His Girlby sundrop18
"I'm scared," she whispers tearfully, clutching my shirtsleave in both of her tiny, trembling hands. She looks up at me with those big, terrified brown eyes an...
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A Sasunaru Fanfiction by worldswillcolide
A Sasunaru Fanfictionby worldswillcolide
This is another SasuNaru fanfiction. They meet in the academy and soon become closer than friends, but does fate have a different way for them to go? Find out in this bo...
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Not My Type. by jun0r3
Not My J. R. R.
!!!! This story deals with hardships including sexual assault and tough grieving. Also contains course language and mildly intimate scenes !!!! ...
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error berry(non ship still,new) by coolwolvesjazz
error berry(non ship still,new)by coolwolvesjazz
after blueberry gets captured by error....get's captured by error AGAIN. he is left in the antivoid after being injected with some sort of ooze. blueberry slowly goes in...
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My Master by AMShadowQueen
My Masterby AMShadowQueen
I stared at the ground of my cage as I heard the bell that lay above the door ring singleibg someone had came in. We pets were quite as the low voice talked to the shop...
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Wither sickness book 4: Vengeance by mcsmfangirl1
Wither sickness book 4: Vengeanceby mcsmfangirl1
As a new threat emerges rumors of war start as the threat grows and at first the new order doesn't believe them until its too late. Will it take more than the remaining...
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The Last Human by chairsniffa
The Last Humanby Duane
It is the year 2087. The Last Human has been on the run for twenty years and is finally captured by the victorious alien conquerors, The Stellaris. He is brought before...
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Deadly Silence (A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover) by SkyFox415
Deadly Silence (A Percy Jackson Skye Foxxe
Nico is an assassin, after Bianca died the greif broke him, he filed from camp and started taking out his revenge on select Demigods and Hunters, but then he decided why...
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What I see by abdul__rafay
What I seeby 5mintales
Peak in the life of people living in war afflicted zones, through comparison with a normal mans reaction to thunder.
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Dressage Rider by allivialdressage
Dressage Riderby allivialdressage
Hailey Edwards is training for Nationals. She is in sport class at school when things go wrong. She doesn't know if she can ride in time for the competition. On top of t...
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If my heart could speak by mishap-of-minds
If my heart could speakby Mishap of minds
A series of poems from Clarke and Lexa at different points throughout their relationship. Feel free to drop me any ideas or prompts for further poems in a comment or in...
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