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I feel Anderson's eyes following my every move when I walk into the derelict pack house, blood running down my water proof clothes in beads and my face and hair strained red.

Just out of spite I wipe my hands down their clean white walls, bloody hand prints, some of which is from their own members, tainting the pure colour.

I walk myself to the little fridge stood in the very corner of what I assumed to be the living room. I pull out a thin brownie milkshake, not out of necessity but again being a spiteful bitch.

And although my taste was muted and over the years I've tried almost everything I was still satisfied with the occasional chocolate drink or savoury snack.

I gulp down a few sips before I turn to face Anderson. As suspected his eyes were already on me, watching my calm exterior with thinly veiled relief.

"You leave me little choice but to kill you Anderson." I place the carton down and fold my arms.

"What?" He sputters eyes widening.

"All paths lead to death. You guaranteed that when you let the vehicles leave. We both know you wouldn't survive the trip it's just a question of if you'd rather die by my hand or exhaustion."

He stands up, an outburst of panicked shock as he waves his hands a little frantically. I watch fear sparkle in his eyes.

"Why do I have to die at all? We made a deal!"

"This has nothing to do with the deal."

"Yes it does! You could just let me go but I read you want to kill me! For not meeting your standards of all things, which are too high for anything on this planet!"

"Don't raise your voice at me pup," I threaten in a low tone, vague glare settling into my features. "I've given you your options."

He freezes for a few seconds before he marches up to me fists clenched and face red.

"No! I will not die, by any hands or any means, not because of you!"

He glares into my eyes, his eye contact unwavering as his alpha werewolf genes gain the forefront.

"Are you challenging me pup?"

He's so close to me that our breath mingles and I almost have to go cross eyed to maintain eye contact. His breathing is slightly quicker than usual, his body trembling with the intensity of the situation.

And then his lips are on mine.

He immediately dominates my lips, claiming my mouth as his own before I begin to fight for control. His dominance fights through the kiss, his strength and his depravity clear in the way his tongue flicks against mine.

I put my best efforts in just waiting for Nick to kill Anderson for being so close for so long but for once in a long time he leaves it.

Shocked, I shift from poisoning him with my kiss to kissing him in a way that he'd forget any other woman existed.

He moans as I tug at his hair.

He goes absolutely wild when I press my hips against his.

He pulls back briefly for air, pushing me and attempting to pin me to a nearby wall which obviously I don't let him do.

He's breathing hard, flushed, hair a mess and a grin trying to force itself on his lips.

"Yes I'm challenging you," He purrs.

He's lips are moving against my mine feverishly again, as if he were trying to distract me.

I let him believe he's won for a few more seconds before I crush him like a bug.

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