Entry 13

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This is Anderson's first entry. I couldn't find anyone else while on this damn boat so his chicken scratches will have to do.

She continues to insult me and expects for me to write it down. As if.

Nick is impatient.

Few hours left now.

Yada yada yada.

Would you like to kill Fade or are you still being stubborn about such things?

Since when were we killing fade? She never tells me anything.

His beauty makes me dislike his face. And he has nothing else to offer once we're out of the water, I'd rather he not go off and procreate, the humans are already fucking like bunnies.

I'll do it, I never liked him anyway.

That's all for now, you know how to sign off.

Fuck off, I'm not cutting my finger for this.

You're a werewolf you heal in seconds.



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