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Beloved Beast by inkzerospace
Beloved Beastby Emmy Alexander
This novel is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. "There are darker things than the night." Blind since birth, Elle Duncan has only ever known darkness, bu...
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Sweet Emotion by HerGreatRussian
Sweet Emotionby Gigi
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Fursona by Autumn-Rose-
Fursonaby Autumn-Rose-
In the year 2030 the world was changing. The fourth great awakening spread across America and Europe, causing more than sixty percent of these country's population to ta...
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Avada Vimadra by Chah-Mirza
Avada Vimadraby Youssef Ben Hmij
When everyone thought the world has come to an end, it was nothing less than the beginning of a new era, a battle between the rulers of the new world that are blessed wi...
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Beauty Is Friends With The Beast by PSawyer
Beauty Is Friends With The Beastby PSawyer
A Modern day take on the classic fairytale Beauty and The Beast. Except for the small difference that The Beast doesnt look like a monster and Beauty isn't afraid of him...
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Beauty and a Beat (Zayn Malik One Shot) by peterpanlove13
Beauty and a Beat (Zayn Malik peterpanlove13
What happens when Belle meets the mysterious Phantom of the Opera?
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Beauty and The Vampire by journalistSZ
Beauty and The Vampireby Sabrina Zulaica
I heard the click of the shackles being locked, and I tugged at them to find them securely in place, keeping my arms held high. I was in the exact same position as the v...
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Amazing Grace by cryssiJC
Amazing Graceby Crystal Ernest
All Grace wants to do is to be normal, but what is normal. Her whole life has been changing constantly. She has lived in 10 different foster homes and she just wants sta...
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Luna [5SOS] by hannahthecreator
Luna [5SOS]by hannah
Her name was Luna and when I saw her there I knew the light she reflected could brighten a heart as dark as mine. I needed her like the ocean's waves needed the moon, an...
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Dean Ambrose and Aj Lees true love is real! by lexielue122
Dean Ambrose and Aj Lees true lexielue122
Aj Lee is in love with Phil (CM Punk ) thats when something goes wrong;)
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Hibiscus by Cayena
Hibiscusby Lisbeth Coiman
Cayena means Hibiscus in Spanish, It's a beautiful flower that can't be used in flower arrangements, because it dies soon, if cut. Women usually adorn their hair with it...
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Beauty And A Beast (Niall Horan) by bootyhadmalik
Beauty And A Beast (Niall Horan)by Kimberlee
Ariel has been mesmerized all her life in getting the soccer scholarship she's been waiting for. With three handy side kicks, she has it all set out for her, until a boy...
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Wish by DarlinYouWillBeOkay
Wishby Carlie Hedges
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The Boy and the Mermaid (One-shot) by patchi_ann
The Boy and the Mermaid (One-shot)by Patchi_Ann
Christopher is a young 17 year old boy who travels cross country to his Grandma's house for the summer. However, his mind is set on the one thing he's never forgotten in...
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Hunters And Foxes by Glitter-and-sunshine
Hunters And Foxesby Jemima
Penelope's dad died 2 years ago. And she finally has got her life sorted. She's left the popular crowd and is comfortable where she is. Knowing now that friendliness is...
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UP THE TOWER WE GO \\ A Fairy Tail Fanfiction : NALU by wanderduck
UP THE TOWER WE GO \\ A Fairy 미넷
The royal bloodline of the Kingdom of Fiore has been cut short. King Jude had nothing to rely on except for a legend, the famous sleeping Princess Lucy. He then assigns...
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Beauty by Halycione
Beautyby Halycione
There are many forms of beauty, but not all of them are so pleasing.
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The Tourist by airplanesandjets
The Touristby Perla Garcia
When Coral is abandoned by her parents, her very caring boss steps in. She leaves behind a home, school, and her best friend. Then she meets Blake, a very pompous young...
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The Mystical Mirror by mcscusmehbetcchhhhh
The Mystical Mirrorby mcscusmehbetcchhhhh
Just an old short story of mine.
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A Collection of Poems on a Pianist by CMWASL
A Collection of Poems on a Pianistby Elisa
This is a collection of poems in the perspective of the famous pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin. Topics range from his morals and beliefs to his personal life and co...
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