Chapter 9.

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I wake up to a loud crash downstairs. I hurriedly ripped the covers off of me and ran down stairs to inspect the noise. I look around and quickly walk around the house to find my uncle. He's not in the living room, not in the kitchen... his office.

I walk to his office and there he was. He laid on the floor with papers surrounding him. He must have fallen while trying to get something off of his shelf. He broke a vase my aunt made in the process. Great... he's going to be pissed.

He looked up at me and picked himself off of the ground. " You're up, " he slurred, " make me some breakfast. "

It hurts to see him drunk everyday now. Yesterday and now today he started his day drunk. I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. I look into the emptiness and yell to my uncle, " You need to go to the store today! " Saturday's his ' Grocery ' day.

He walks into the room, " What did you say? " he says in an angry tone.

" Uhh.. there's nothing in here to eat. " I say slowly, afraid to make him more mad.

" You bitch. You knew the fridge was empty. Your trying to starve me?! "

" N-No... I'm s-sorry.. " I back away from him before he hurts me again.

I back into a walk and curse. Couldn't I have not backed into a wall? It'd make everything easier..

He raised his hand and slapped my face. I gasped as his hand made contact to my face. Never have I seen my uncle this way. He was never abusive or this cruel.

" I'm going out to McDonald's for some breakfast. I'm not getting you anything since you're a bitch. "

I started crying and held my face as I watched him go out of the door. He's drunk he can't be driving... I run to the door and yell, " You can't drive your drunk! " " Watch me. " he yells and gets into his car. He drives away and I feel a sort of peace. I don't have to worry about getting slapped for now.

I heard my phone ring from upstairs and I ran up stairs to get it. I look at the caller ID and I gasped.. I haven't called Kylie in a while.

" Heyyy girlll... " I said guiltily

" Where have you been?! We don't talk much anymore I miss my Jessica. " she whines through the phone.

" I know I know just a lot has been going on. "

" Ooooh I cant wait to heard the details! "

We spent about an hour on the phone until I wanted to finally get ready.

" I'll talk to you later Kylie. " I say smiling.

I miss her a lot. Sure I have a lot of people in my life now but she is my best friend. I miss going to the Icecream shop around the corner of the school I used to go to with her. We'd do our homework there too.

" Okay byeee! "

I hang up and get up out of my bed. I walk to my closet and try to pick out an outfit for today. If you know me, I have an obsession with jeans. All I have for pants are jeans. I really need to go shopping for more types of pants...

I pick out a Fall Out Boy maroon colored shirt that's a little too big for me, so I tied it at the side. I put on a dark pair of high waisted jeans and my black Nike's with a white check mark logo on them.

I also love boots, but I'm not wearing them today. Its February and surprisingly this whole week is supposed to be in the 70's or high 60's.

I get my phone and go on Spotify to play an artist I really like. I just started listing to NF a few weeks ago and he might be one of my favorite artists now. The song " Lie " started playing and I walked out my door making sure I got my key.

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