Chapter 26.

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The boys were already in the pool but me, Kylie, and Madison were getting in our bathing suits in my room. Michael got the pool ready in the backyard this morning while me and Kylie were getting our bathing suits.

When I got home, everyone was acting normal like this morning never happened, like they hadn't ever walked out of the room suddenly without telling me what was up. I tried talking to Sean but he told me I'd know soon. Ever since then too, Madison has been acting weird around me. She won't talk to me much and I don't know what I did..

" Everyone ready to go in? " Madison says, picking up a pool blow up ball. Kylie picked up a raft to lay on, she wanted to tan a bit more.

" Yup. " I said and walked out of the room with them to the backyard. The pool was huge and had a table and some chairs off to the side with an umbrella in the middle. There were two chairs off to the side in the pool too.

" CANNONBALL!! " Kylie shouts and runs to the pool. She jumps into the pool making waves roam all around the pool, and a Michael mad that water got in his eyes.

" Hey! What the fuck?! " he rubbed his eyes and went out of the pool to get the water out.

" Sorry your a wimp Mike. " she smirked at him from the pool and urged me and Maddie to enter the pool. Before I got in I took off my shirt and shorts and felt eyes on me. I turned around seductively swaying my body and got into the pool. Sean swam over to me and his arms immediately went around me, " If you keep doing that your getting something tonight. "

" Is that supposed to be a punishment, Mr. Alpha? " I whispered in his ear and got an idea.

My hand went under the water as I pulled him in a kiss. He responded quickly and I placed my hand right over his bulge in his shorts and slightly ran my hand up and down.

" What a-are you doing Jess. " he said trying to control his wolf. I looked into his eyes and his eyes were turning black so I said, " Nothing. " and swam away, leaving a stunned Sean behind.

Madison was sitting on one of the chairs in the pool with me beside her and Kylie was now laying on a raft in the pool floating around. Michael and Sean were playing with the ball in the deep part of the pool. I can't go in the deeper areas, I can't swim.

After an hour or two I was swimming around a little while Michael was grilling the food. Sean swam over to me as I was getting out of the pool and hugged me from behind. I squealed and tried to get out of his hold but Michael jumped in front of me, getting my eyes full of water.

" Hey.. what are you-... " I tried to get out but then Sean dragged me to the side of the pool and then pulled me out, him following suit. He then then let's me go. " Well thanks for that, now if you'll excuse me.. " I say walking back to the pool until Michael cuts me off and picks me up by my legs.

Michael then throws me into the pool, thankfully not in the too deep side so I can get to the side of the pool pretty quickly without any harm.

" Michael... she can't swim. " Kylie says getting off he chair beside Madison that she took from me and swims over to where I'm now standing on the side with the two boys. Their eyes widen and Sean growls harshly at his beta making Michaels hands go up in the air, " I didn't know I swear. "

Sean wraps his arms around me breathing in my scent from my neck and I sigh in content. I learned werewolves smell their mates when they're upset or angry to calm themselves down.

" I'm okay Sean, no damage done to me. " I motion towards my body. He huffs and walks past Michael, purposely bumping into him on his way. Wow.

" Well.. hot dogs and burgers are ready.. " Maddie says awkwardly, but she knew that. She was just trying to lighten the mood.

" Yeah let's eat. Everyone to the table or your not getting anything! " Kylie says as she sets the table and sets napkins and utensils down.

I jog over to the table and sit myself next to Kylie but leaving a seat next to me for Sean. Michael sits in front of me, not next to Sean, which is a wise choice. He might rip him apart.

Sean sits next to me eyeing Michael. We all tell Kylie what we want so she can serve us and she brings it to the table. She wanted to be our server tonight, even though we are capable of getting our food ourselves.

Dinner was awkward, no one spoke except for me and Kylie. We talked about how we met and everything about the times before I moved. Sean seemed more calm after hearing me talk more and I felt relieved. Hopefully when I'm asleep he won't kill Michael after all.

We all got up from the table and headed to our rooms. Madison and Kylie wanted to swim longer even though the sun was down already so we let them. Me, Sean, and Michael headed inside together.

Michael and Sean mumbled goodnight to each other as we headed upstairs and I headed to the closet to change. Since we've had sex and shit before I'm comfortable changing in front of him. I made sure the door was closed and I took off all my clothes and headed in the closet to pick out my pjs.

I heard the door close again which meant Sean came in the room, so I planned something. I got some of my pajama shorts and underwear and went, fully in my naked glory, to Sean's dresser to pick out a shirt.

I felt eyes on me as I went in the top drawer and got one of his shirts out. I ' dropped ' his shirt and blended down to pick it up. I heard his breath hitch and I knew what I was doing worked. I smirked and got back up seductively. Suddenly, I felt a gust of air and felt a hand slap my ass, making it giggle a bit.

I didn't even turn myself around and Sean was already feeling up and down my body, " I know what your doing, Princess. "

" And it clearly worked. " I whispered turning around. His eyes went to my breasts and quickly back to my eyes, " Yes, yes it did. " His hands went around me and I jumped on him so he could pick me up. He brought me to the bed and he was instantly on top of me.

This nights going to have a great ending.

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