Chapter 14.

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I walk upstairs and walk into her room. Her room is a little smaller then me and Sean's room with the bed with a bunch of white and beige pillows with designs on them. The covers had a plant like design on them and were also white. Her room had a white and grey theme, which sounds very boring, but not in this case.

There is a window right beside her bed with thin white curtains, and a chair in front of it with a pillow that looks like the ones on the bed. And then there was a beautiful desk that's glass so you can see yourself through it, and it had a plant with pink flowers on top, giving a pretty touch to the whole room itself. There was other photos of her when she was younger with Sean and her parents on them too with other little things. ( the photo of her room is on the top, feel free to picture what ever you want for her room. )

I sit on the bed and turn on the flatscreen tv that's on a white wooden desk in the front of her room. I know how to work this tv, as it is similar to the one I had at my house before. I go to Netflix and wait for it to load, while it's loading I check my phone. I haven't heard from Kylie lately... maybe she got her phone taken away. I hope she's alright, being away from her is hard.

I look back at the screen and see it's fully loaded onto the home screen of Netflix and I flip through the ' Popular on Netflix ' slide and see that Beauty and the Beast is on it. I press on it but don't start the movie so I can wait for Madison.

I hear footsteps in the hall so I call out, " Hey Maddie, do you want to wait till the pizzas here or start the movie now? "

I wait for a response but I don't hear anything so I get up from the bed and walk to the walkway of the door.

I don't see anyone in the hall so I walk down the hall and look from the top of the stairs to see if she had just forgotten something.

" Madison..? Were you just up here? " I call out.

" No, I'll be up in a second. Sorry I'm taking a while I had to use the bathroom too. "

No ones supposed to be in the house, of course this is the pack house, but the other pack members have other houses they live at and aren't in this house at night.

Normally in horror movies searching for what made sounds or anything out of the ordinary is a bad thing. You'd yell at the screen, " Don't go in there! ", knowing they would anyway. Well, it's my turn.

I walk down the hall slowly looking into every room but sure enough found nothing. I heard loud footsteps coming from the stairs and my heartbeat starts to quicken. I turn around ready to punch someone when I see it's just Madison.

" Hey the pizzas almost-.. what's wrong? " she sees my worried expression and I try to explain as much as possible, " I was in your room setting up the movie and I heard someone in the hall. I checked all the rooms and you said you weren't up here... " I rushed out.

" What are you trying to say? " her eyes widened already knowing the answer.

" I think there's someone in the house. "

She suddenly realized what was going on and started staring at the wall, but it's not the time!

" Maddie, why are you staring at the wall? " I ask.

" I was mind linking Sean and Michael about this, they won't be happy that someone broke in the house. They're on their way and they sent guards to patrol the border and keep guard of the house. "

" What about if someone's in here? " I whisper, my voice laced with fear.

" I'll protect you, if this is a werewolf, I'll need to take care of this. " She all of the sudden straightened up and started walking down the hall, but she stopped.

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