Chapter 2.

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I looked into his eyes, they were gray with blue specks in it. I could stare into those eyes all day... wait what?

" Oh look who's finally shown up as well! Mr. Knight take your seat please. "

He acted like he didn't hear her and kept staring at me. I didn't mind, I stared back at his eyes. They held a look of.. admiration?

" Sean! Snap out of it! " Someone from the class whispered. Probably one his friends.

He looked away from me to only growl.. wait growl? Did he really just..

" Since you have just arrived, you can go ahead and sit next to Mr. Knight in the back. " the teacher points to where he sits and gestures me to sit down.

Sean took his last glance at me before taking a seat in the back.

" Miss Meadows, I'm Mrs. Fields. I'm sorry for the interruption. Now class take out your textbooks and turn to page 121. "

" Nice to meet you Mrs. Fields. " I mumble as I walk away and to my seat in the back next to Sean.

As I was walking to my seat Grace thought it was an amazing time to stick her leg out and try and trip me.

Did I say try? More like succeeded. I fell flat on my butt and I dropped my textbook the teacher had given me. As it landed it made a loud thump noise.

Everyone started laughing but neither the teacher nor Sean thought it was funny. Sean gave Grace a look and immediately her eyes widened and she said " Sorry L- I mean.. just sorry. " as she sunk back into her seat.

Well that was embarrassing.

I got up and walked the rest of the way to my seat and sat down next to him.

" So what's your name? " he said with a smile. He didn't waste any time-

I smiled back, but didn't respond. It was hard not to when a guy that looked like that smiled at a girl like me.

Sean has a body and face that looked like a god had shaped it. His muscles seemed huge and showed through his black shirt... which made him look incredibly sexy. He has a jawline and dimples that made me just blush looking at it. I bet he has a girlfriend though, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Grace. She seems to be well known and popular, so it wouldn't be a shock.

He saw me checking him out and smirked, " Like what you see, Princess? "

I blushed so hard I probably looked like a tomato. " N-No. I wasn't- "

Yes I was.

The smirk didn't leave his face as he looked back at the teacher.

The rest of the class period went by kinda fast, not including the multiple amounts of times Sean tried to get my attention... I felt bad ignoring him but I felt a pull towards him. It just felt all weird to me.

Once the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and ran out of the door.

My next class was with Makayla so I was thrilled, I'll ask her about Sean to see what he's like.

I walk to art but on the way there I bumped into someone, falling for the second time in a row today as the other person did the same.

" Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I'm really clumsy I'm sorry... " I make a move to pick up his papers but he shook his head, picking them up himself.

" Oh no it's okay. Hey... your the new girl right? Jessica. " he thought for a moment before saying my name, like someone had just told him who I was.

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