Chapter 17.

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" Kylie? " Were my eyes playing tricks on me?

She runs at me and flings herself onto me, making me almost fall with her, " Jessica! I knew the rumors had to be true! " she says while her arms wrapped tightly around me.

" Rumors, what rumors? " I look at her with questioning eyes as she untangles herself from me.

" There were rumors that Alpha Knight found his mate, and the description sounded familiar. " she laughed and looked me up and down, " You didn't change a bit, but your boobs look bigger. " she wiggled her eyebrows at me and smirked. I gasped and hit her arm, embarrassed.

Sean comes into the room finally and starts looking at me with confusion laced in his eyes, " Who are you? " he looks at Kylie.

" Oh calm down Mr. Alpha, this is Kylie, she was my best friend until I moved here. Kylie this is-... " before I had a chance to introduce her to Sean she cut me off.

" Your mate I suppose. " she smirks at the both of us and says something that makes me gasp and hit her arm again, " Y'all mated yet? "

" No. " says Sean with a embarrassed expression. I laugh, " Awww the big bad Alpha is blushing. "

" Whatever. " he mumbles and walks away into the kitchen.

" Aw you scared him off, nice job. " I high fived her and our laughter could probably be heard throughout the house.

Everyone had left since the meeting was over and now it's just me, Sean, Kylie, and Maddie in the house, wherever Madison is.

" It's my specialty. " she gave me a big smile and laughed again.

" So you're a werewolf too huh? Why didn't you tell me? " sadness laced my voice. I was a bit hurt she didn't tell me, since we were really close. I would've kept her secret. Aw man I wish I was a werewolf, they seem cool.

" I couldn't, it's a law. No werewolf can tell anyone that's not a werewolf their identity. Except, if they're your mate, which is rare. "

" Oh, I didn't know having a human mate was rare. " i didn't hear his footsteps so when Sean came up behind me he made me jump in surprise, " Sure is baby. " he kissed me on the cheek and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

" Aww.. I wish I had a mate. " Kylie looks at us in awe but you could tell she was sad that she hasn't met her mate yet.

" I'm sure you'll meet your mate soon Kylie. Once you do, it'll be the best thing to ever happen to you. " Sean says. I look up and he's already looking in my eyes with a smile. I blush at his comment and smile back.

" I'm just glad my best friend is happy. " She smiles genuinely.

" What pack are you from? " Sean asks.

" The Lightning pack. " she said in a proud voice, the pack must have some power.

" Oh, your Alpha is Alpha Black. He's one of my close allies, and one of my close friends. " he smiles proudly.

" Good for you, anyway, Jessica we have a lot to talk about! " Kylie rushes out with a huge smile across her face.

" Okay! " We jump up and down and I almost forgot Sean was still there until I look back at him. He was smiling at me and his face read ' Wow '.

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