Chapter 28.

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After I found out I was pregnant, I was very happy and impatient for the months to come. Sean told me a werewolf pregnancy would last 5 months, even if I was a human. That made me more anxious about the arrival but I'm also very excited to be a mom.

Me and Sean have spent the past hour on how to tell the others, we didn't want to waste any time and we chose to tell them today. Then, I have to get ready for our date tonight. He said since it's my birthday, to dress up nice. I asked him where we were going, but he said it's a surprise. I don't really like surprises, but it's my birthday so I have to deal with it.

Now we're coming up with a good idea to tell Madison, Kylie, and Michael. We're going to tell the pack at the Luna ceremony, where I'll be given the official Luna title. That's tomorrow, so I have to check up with Kylie and Madison to see the dress I'll wear and for them to do my makeup. I don't wear makeup, but I'll do it for an occasion.

" Sean! I have the perfect idea on how to tell them! " I said shaking him, his face while I was doing it was like ' You're crazy woman '.

" What is it? "


" Guys we have a surprise for you! " Sean closed the front door behind me while I carried a Krispy Kreme donut box into the living room. There was Kylie and Madison, just not Michael.

" Ooooh donuts? Isn't it your birthday, not ours? " Kylie says as she walks up to me with Madison's hand in hers.

" Yes, but I thought we should celebrate with donuts. " I smiled at the two of them and yelled, " Michael get in the living room. "

We heard a yell from upstairs, " I'm too lazy to come down there, just come up here. " Michael whined.

" We have donuts. " Madison said not even yelling. Soon enough, Michael came running downstairs in nothing but his boxers.

" So, I heard there are donuts present. " He said casually.

" Why are you half naked? " Kylie asked him while putting her hand on her hips.

" Because I'm comfortable. " Michael said doing a runway walk.

" Yeah, we aren't though so go change into something else. " I said while pointing to the staircase.

" Fineee. Y'all are killing my vibe. " He pouted and went back upstairs.

Sean rolled his eyes and took the donut box from my hand and went into the kitchen. We got plates out and I insisted on giving everyone their donuts, so once Michael came downstairs, I had Sean stand beside me, but instead, he stood behind me putting his arms around my waist.

I put the donuts on the plates and served them to everybody and saw the confused look on their faces. The donuts had pink or blue icing on top with either the word boy or girl on the top, I thought it was very creative of Krispy Kreme to do that for us.

" Why does mine say girl, shouldn't mine say boy? " Michael said examining the donut.

" Michael, it's not about if you're a boy or a girl, it's... wait are you pregnant?! " Kylie asked with a smile on her face.

" Surprise! " I yelled and Sean laughed at their faces as I said it. Kylie got up from her seat and hugged me while Madison and Michael sat there stunned.

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