Chapter 3.

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When I got home I started on the math homework. There's supposed to be a test on Wednesday of what they've been learning, but since I just got here, the teacher said I didn't have to take it. I still want to, I don't want to sit there being bored the entire block with nothing to do. What they've been learning so far is pretty easy so I'm sure I'll ace it.

When I do homework, read, or study, I like to listen to music. Pop music is my favorite, though I do like some rock music and a few country songs.

I love the bands Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, and Maroon 5. I'm looking into listening to My Chemical Romance.

Yes I love bands, don't judge me.

I mostly just listen to bands then singular artists. My friends back in Ohio used to say I was a little emo because I'd listen to that kind of music, but I don't care.

Right now I'm jamming to the song " Wilson ( Expensive Mistakes ) " by Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy just came out with a new album and I love it so much! My favorite song on there either is Church or Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea... sure that title is crazy but don't let it fool you, it's an amazing song.

I was brought out of my thoughts to my phone buzzing. It was Kylie wanting to check on how my first day was probably.

I checked my lock screen and sure enough, I saw her face on the caller ID.

" Hello this is the Meadow residents how may I help you? " I say in a customer service tone, making the other end of the line go quiet until you can hear laughing.

" Jess, I know it's you. How was your first day? "

" It was okay- strange, but okay. " You can practically hear the uncertainty dripping from my tone, it is not helping bring my point across.

" Ooooh did you meet a cute guy? What was his name? Did you make any friends?! " she exclaimed

" Yes, Sean, and yes. " I answer her three questions in the order she asks, not phased.

" Sean huh? How did it go? "

" I mean we aren't friends or anything. When he walked into the class as I was introducing myself, he just stared at me. I couldn't read his expression. And then he tried to tap my arm during class or whispered my name to get my attention but I didn't respond.. "

" Oh, you should talk to him! Maybe you two are soulmates! " she exclaimed again

She has a big imagination, I doubt we'd be soulmates and I don't believe it exists. I'll believe they exist when wolfs talk.

" Yeah I think he has a girlfriend though.. " I frowned.

" Nooo! I bet it won't last. " she pressed on reassuringly. I raise my eyebrow at her confidence and shook my head.

" I doubt it, I just got here. There's no way he likes me. We barely know eachother. "

It was a lie, I do like him, a lot. Just find it weird because I don't know the dude. I'll stay away from him, then I'll think about someone else. But for a few weeks I want to focus on school. I might join the art club, if it's not too late.

" Well we'll see how it goes. Anyway I gotta cook dinner, it's my turn tonight. I'll call you some other time. "

" Okay see ya. " I hang up and finish my homework.

When I finished, I laid on my bed and took a nap.

I woke up to my aunt yelling " Hey Jessica! Dinners ready! "

" Okay! " I yell back and head down stairs.

I walk downstairs and glance at some of the photos in the halls. There's this one photo of my mom and dad on their wedding day. My mom was laughing and my dad was carrying her bridal style. They looked so happy..

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