Chapter 4.

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Sean's POV:

Rogues. Lowlifes who want to ruin my pack and it's name. I wasn't named Alpha in my pack for no reason, I earned it. My father died of a rogue attack when I was 14, so I took the position as Alpha as soon as I turned 18.

Before I turned 18, my mom had to fill the Alpha position and the Luna's too. Being an Alpha isn't just ordering people around, it's making sure the packs safe and... also paperwork and a lot of meetings.

Rogues have been coming into my territory more and more lately but I'll handle it. I had to interrogate a rogue because I wanted to get to the bottom of why the rogue attacks have been increasing, but he didn't say anything, only " Enjoy your loved ones while they're here. "

Let's just say I killed him. He was probably talking about my dad. Stupid fucking useless piece of-...

" Sean! " My mom yelled looking at me.

" Are you okay? You have blood on you... "

" I'm fine Mom, I gotta get ready for school. "

" Okay just clean up before you go, your late. "

Great... the 2nd time this week.

I run to the bathroom and take a quick shower to wash the blood off of me and change into a black shirt.

I grab my math textbook off of the table in my room and shove it into my bookbag and run out the door.

I shifted into my werewolf with my bookbag and clothes tied around my wolf and ran to the school. Using my wolf speed I can make it hopefully before the late bell rings.

This is the second time this week, I hope the rogues hold off. My wolf Kyan says

Yeah me too. I reply

I get to the school and hide behind some bushes and trees. I shift back and change into my clothes and sling my bookbag on my back and run into the school to my first class, math.
Math was never hard for me, I've always been pretty good at it. It's one of my favorite subjects.

I run in the doors of the school and smell something... vanilla with a hint of cherry. My wolf starts stirring around and whispering things I can't understand.

Hey Kyan, you okay?

No reply. He just keeps doing what he's doing.

I roll my eyes and run towards the smell and when I get to the source it's.. my math class?

I slam open the door and right in front of me I see the source of the smell. A beautiful girl stands right in front of me. She had brown wavy hair with sky blue eyes and little freckles surrounding her eyes. You can only see it if your looking up a little close to her but since I'm a werewolf I have a better sense of sight, hearing, and smell.

" Mate. " my wolf and me says at the same time. She's flawless...

Yeah I see, and I like what I see.

I looked into her eyes and they held confusion but yet she stared at me. She must feel the mate bond a tiny bit. I quickly sniffed the air, she's human.

What are we gonna do now?

We have to try and earn her trust

I must've been staring for too long because my friend Cole yelled " Sean! Snap out of it! "

I looked at him and growled and immediately he was quiet. She's my mate I can look at her all I want.

" Since you have just arrived to the class you can go ahead and sit next to Mr. Knight in the back. " the teacher said.

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