Chapter 15.

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I wake up with heavy arms around my waist and smile. I never thought I'd have a werewolf as a mate, I never knew they even existed beyond the fairytales and the books. It's something you would only have in a fantasy. But here I am, living a life I'd only think happened in my nightmares/dreams.

I have someone or something after me, but at least I know I have a pack behind me. Werewolves are pretty strong so it would be one heck of a fight. I'm just hoping whatever it is can just find something else to do with it's time other than torturing me.

Sean says I'll be a Luna, I'm still piecing together what that'll be like. Today he told me his pack members will be coming to the pack house to welcome their Luna. Once me and Sean are done completing the mating process, I'll be officially Luna. He did say that's whenever I'm ready.

He said once that's over with there will be a Luna's Ball where I'll be officially named Luna. I'll have to do this ritual that all of the other named Luna's before me have done. It all sounds pretty fancy and sophisticated. I don't wear dresses often so this is the first time Sean or anyone here has seen me in a dress. Last time anyone's ever seen me in a dress was my 8th grade formal, I looked cubby in my navy blue dress...

I look up at his sleeping figure and I looked over his shoulder as gently as possible so I wouldn't wake him up, and checked the alarm clock: 8:23am

I knew the pack as coming over at two o'clock so I could stay in bed with this sleepy head a little longer. I try getting out of his iron-like-grip but his arms wouldn't let me go. I eventually slipped out of his grip and pulled myself up in a sitting position and looked out the window, the night before I opened the windows so in the morning I could look out the windows without getting up.

I looked out into the woods and it was quiet, so I felt calm. I stretched my arms out and let out a yawn and I felt arms go around my waist, making me jump a little. Once I knew who it was, tingles gave me a hint, I relaxed into his back behind me as his arms pulled me to his chest.

" Good morning sleepyhead. " I say without looking up at him, smiling.

" Good morning Princess. " his voice sounded husky from him just waking up, it sounded very sexy.

Before I could turn my head to look at him he started attacking my neck with kisses. He turned me around so I was facing him and I put my arms on his back slightly scratching it. I tried to keep moans from escaping my lips as he kept going lower and lower until he found my sweet spot. I couldn't help it when I let out a breathy moan.

He stopped kissing my neck and a smirk was plastered on his face, satisfied with the effect he had on me. I pressed my lips to his and we shared a fast moving kiss, it was needy like we couldn't get enough of eachother. I found my hands moving under the front of his shirt feeling his abs and himself. Hmm I want to take his shirt off as see those abs.. but then I realized where this might be going and saw this was a time to stop.

" S-Sean we should stop.. " I placed my hands on his chest and lightly pushed on his chest telling him to stop.

" Okay. " He stopped kissing my neck again and eyed me up and down.

" What? " I asked, curious.

" Nice shirt you got there. " He smirked as he realized I had one of his shirts on. He thinks he can make me embarrassed? Well two can play at that game...

I got up from the bed and before I went away from the bed I leaned to whisper in his ear,

" Nice boner. " I smirked and walked away, not missing the embarrassed expression on his face. I laughed and went downstairs to get me some breakfast.

I usually don't eat breakfast, so this is a big change, but Sean said he wanted me to eat more and I agreed I needed to. Some days I wouldn't even eat lunch cause my aunt and uncle wouldn't give me money or buy me anything and I just got used to it.

So eating lunch and breakfast will be kinda hard at first to remember but I'll manage.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab some pop tarts and apple juice. I love me some apple juice, and pop tarts put in the toaster is delicious. The warm, sweet crunchiness is what I'm gonna be eating from now on. Even though I haven't ate them in a while, it's still burned in my memory!

I grab the pop tarts from one of the many cabinets of the house and take one out of the box and plop one into the toaster. I hear footsteps and I turn around to see Michael.

" Well if it isn't the Luna herself! " he smiles at me, walking into the kitchen.

" Hey Michael! I haven't seen you in a while. " I think about it and I haven't been to school in a while either. Oh no what about my class work?! My grades?! Senior year just started for me and I'm already fucking up.

He hugs me while I thought about school and without noticing I frowned. " Why the frown? You acted happy a moment ago. "

" Just thinking about school, where do they think me and Sean are at? "

" Well the principle is a werewolf along with some people at school so they know you've been adjusting to a new life and all that's been happening and understand. Sean's supposed to be getting some work and tests you have to make up. " he says, but then frowns as well, " He hasn't told you yet has he? "

" Told me what? " I frown, seeing people frown makes me wanna frown instantly.

" He's pulling you out of school. "

" What?! And he doesn't have the nerve to tell me, I'm fine with it cause I don't want to go, but still. What about my Senior year?? "

" Calm down weirdo. " he motioned towards my pop tart that is now popped out of the toaster. Oh, I didn't even realize it did that already.

I got a plate, with the help of Michael, I'll remember where everything is at some point. Just not right now.

I have my apple juice and my freshly warm pop tart and sit on the couch with Michael.

" He thought since everything was happening he'd have the school send you work and me help you with it. Me being like a tutor or a teacher that's not licensed. " he was serious but then he laughed at the last part.

" Oh okay. That makes sense I guess. " I say taking a bite of my pop tart, " Have you found your mate yet? "

" No, I wish I would soon though. It sounds so amazing. " he looks down, upset, fiddling with his thumbs.

" I'm sure you'll find her soon. " I put my hand on his shoulder and reassure him.

" Thanks. " he smiles.

" No prob. Hey the pack is supposed to come over soon! I better get ready. " I take the last bite out of my pop tart and drink some of my apple juice and run up the stairs, hearing Michael laughing from downstairs at me.

" Time to get ready. " I whisper to myself.


She's gonna meet the pack soon! How do you think that'll go?

I hope y'all are enjoying my book, Chapter 15 already! I might have a sequel already in mind too ;)

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