Chapter 27.

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~ 3 weeks later ~

I thought it'd be nice to eat breakfast this morning, so I went into the kitchen before everyone was up and started cooking breakfast. Some waffles, pancakes, pop tarts, and cereal. All sounds really good to eat. I just want to eat everything I'm cooking and keep it for myself.

Once I was finishing up, I heard a lot of footsteps quietly coming down the stairs. I went to turn around and when I did I jumped in surprise at everything.

Sean, Michael, Kylie, and Madison were holding balloons and presents, " Happy Birthday Jessica! " I smiled at their generosity and I started crying. I can't believe I forgot today was my birthday!

Sean ran up to me and hugged me, " Hey baby, why are you crying? "

" I don't know, I guess I'm just really happy that you guys have done all this for me. " I wiped my tears as Michael brought in the cake.

" Really Mike, a cake at 11am? " Kylie said rolling her eyes.

" Couldn't wait until noon could ya? " Maddie said laughing.

" NOPE! " Michael said running into the kitchen, he came back holding a lighter. He lit the candles on my cake and everyone started singing me happy birthday. Sean had a little solo at the end which made me giggle.

We sat down to eat and I got a two plates of waffles and pancakes and poured syrup on top of both. Three waffles on one plate, and then two pancakes on the other. " Wow, your really hungry Jessica, well I mean for a human. " Michael says pointing out how fat I'm eating right now.

" Don't ever judge how much a woman wants to eat, she can do whatever she wants to. " Kylie shoots at him in my defense.

" Thanks Lee. " I call her by her childhood nickname and she smiles at me, " No problem Jess. " she winks at me and I laugh.

Sean growls lightly at her, " No winking at my mate. "

" Oh calm down Mr. Overprotective. " Kylie rolls her eyes and we all laugh at her comment. Sean just mumbled stuff and continues eating.

It's present time so I place one of the presents on my lap and see who it's from, " This one is from Madison. "

She smiles impatiently and I rip the small wrapping on the little box and I open the little box. I gasped, it was a rose gold locket with the letter J on the front.

" Thank you Maddie! " I said putting the locket on.

" You're welc-... " Madison said but then was cut off my Kylie, " Open mine next! "

" Well excuse me. " Madison said while crossing her arms at Kylie, " Sorry. "

I placed Kylie's gift in my lap and it was a bit bigger than Madison's box. I unwrapped her gift and my mouth dropped, it was a new case for my art supplies.

" Open it. " Kylie said and I did as I was told. I opened the box and it had a bunch of sketch pencils, an eraser, a hand held pencil sharpener, and some pastel colored pencils.

" Thank you. " I said to Kylie and hugged her, " No problem Jess. "

The last one was from Michael and it was in a card he gave me, wow he was the only one to give me a card.

When I read the front I opened it and a card for Target came out, it was $50 worth and I giggled at his gift, " I didn't know what to get you so gift cards work every time. " he shrugged.

" Thank you everyone! " I yelled to them and they gave me a group hug. When everyone walked away, Sean said, " I have a gift for you, but tonight I want to take you out someplace. So I'll just give it to you then. "

" Mkay. " I hummed and I cleaned the table up.

" No no, it's your birthday, I'll do it. " Sean came over and pushed me aside so that he could clean.

" Thanks. " I kissed him on his cheek and he stopped cleaning so he could actually kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I heard gagging noises. I turned to the source and I found Michael standing in the entrance of the dining room, " Get a room. "

" If you don't want to see this, then help me with the cleaning. " Sean said as Michael walked up to him, he gave Sean a playful punch on the arm and they started fighting, but you could obviously tell it was just the boys having fun. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to use the bathroom.

For the past couple of days I have been feeling weird. I've been craving a bunch of foods like Potato chips and cotton candy ice-cream, even though I like both. And then this morning when I woke up I threw up... and then felt fine.

Could I be pregnant?

It's possible, so I bought a pregnancy test last night while grocery shopping just in case. I went into the bathroom and I peed on the stick. Once I was done, I waited a bit until it showed results. I was nervous to see them though.

I held the stick in my hand and I glanced quickly at it and back. I didn't really see it much so it was hard to tell how many lines were on there. One for not pregnant and two for pregnant.

I opened my hand back up and looked at the test and my hand started shaking at the result.

" Two lines... I'm pregnant. " I whispered and I started crying of joy. I've never thought about having a baby, but I guess I have to start thinking now. This baby will become my entire life and I hope Sean will react happily to the news as well. We weren't trying to be pregnant, so it'll be a huge surprise.

I'm also nervous a bit, am I really ready to me a mother? And is Sean ready to be a father?


Sean's POV

Once I was done punching Michael we cleaned up and threw away the ripped pieces of wrapping paper. I guess it's time to tell my best friend the news.

" Hey man, I have some news. " I said turning to Michael who is currently eating some more cake.

His face had icing all over it and I couldn't help but laugh at his weirdness, " What are you doing? "

" I'm eating cake duh, but tell me that news. " He said, wiping his face off with a napkin. He went to throw it away and I blurted out, but not loud enough for Jessica to hear, " I'm proposing to Jessica tonight. "

He came back into the room with his mouth hanging open and I smirked, " You have a little drool right there. " I pointed at a random spot near his mouth and he narrowed his eyes at me.

" Congrats man, I'm proud of you. And on her birthday too, she'll never see it coming. " he fist bumped me and I headed into the bedroom to get ready to train with the younger warriors.

I took my shirt off and some shorts and I heard a faint noise in the bathroom. Jessica must be in there. I'm happy today's her birthday, she's also as old as me until my birthday arrives.

I laid on the bed for a quick nap and a few minutes later I hear her exit the bathroom. My head snaps up when I hear her crying. I open my eyes and run over to her. There's something in her hand but I don't pay attention to it as I comfort her, " Whats wrong Princess?? "

" Nothing is wrong, it's what's coming. " With those words she is scaring me.. is someone threatening her?!

I let her go on and nod, " Tell me what's going on. "

" I'm pregnant. " she smiles up at me.

I stand there and as I am I feel like my heart stopped.. I'm going to be a dad. Shit, I'm going to be a dad?!

" I'm going to be a dad? " she nods her head and giggles at my expression which is probably mixed with happy and shook.

" OH MY GOD JESSICA!! " I scream like a two year old and pick her up. I kiss her passionately and look into her eyes.

" I never would have thought I'd be hearing this news on your birthday. "

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