Chapter 20. ( continued )

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An hour after the whole rudeness of the two ladies, me and the girls went shopping along with Michael. You'd think Michael would be third wheeling us girls but nope, he was helping us by telling us his opinion on clothes and other necessities.

So far I haven't gotten much. Just a pair of boots and another rose necklace I really liked. We also went into Victoria's Secret and got some lingerie, not my idea though. None of us saw each other in anything because the couple wanted it to be a surprise for ' later ' and then I'm just not comfortable with my body. The only one who's seen me naked is Kylie and that was only cause we are just so comfortable with each other, we could change in front of each other. She says I have nothing to be ashamed of cause I have a great body, but I still am. Anxiety is great.

I bought about three pairs of lingerie and I don't know about the girls. Michael didn't come in the store saying the store was gross. He just said he was going to wait outside and to mindlink him if anything went wrong. I can't mindlink, but I understood he wasn't talking to me. Now we are roaming the mall looking for another store to go in.

I gotta say, being without your mate has it's downfalls. I have him in my mind 24/7 and being without him sucks. I just want to hug him forever...

" Omg Jessica! It's Hot Topic! " Kylie yells and pulls me towards the store, making me snap back to reality.

" Omg come on come on! " Me and her ran into the store with a stunned Maddie behind us, " Wait up! " she yelled while we were already in the store.

We looked around at all of the posters on the walls while I could hear the song " Beachboy " by McCafferty playing throughout the store. I start singing along and go to the hats to try some on.

I pick a hat up that is light pink with a white peace sign on the front and immediately thought of Kylie.

" Kylie get over here! " I yell and continue looking at the hats. She doesn't immediately come over so I pick up a hat I found and went to a mirror nearby.

I examine myself and then just think... eh. I go back to the rack of hats and gasp when I find one I like. It's a Twenty One Pilots hat that's mostly black but then red in places. It has its logo on the front and on the side a TØP skull with a line through it. I look at the price and cringe, $20+ for a hat just seems crazy.

I shrug as Kylie walks over to me and looks at the two hats in my hand, " I didn't think you were into hats. "

" I'm not, but I'm into TØP. " I show her the hat and she smiles and nods. She looks at the other hat and her mouth flies open, " I love this hat. "

She takes the hat and goes over to the mirror, with me following behind, and we both pose in the mirror in our new hats.

Madison comes over and laughs at our weirdness, " You guys are embarrassing me. "

" Whatever. " Kylie turns around and crosses her arms. Michael walks into the store with a panicked expression on his face until he sees us and he relaxes a little.

" What the fuck guys. " he walks over to us and runs his hands through his hair.

" What? You were too slow. " Kylie laughs at his state and takes off her hat.

" You guys ran away so fast, I went to go throw away my cup and y'all were gone. " he frowns.

" Nice hats by the way. I would've gotten this one though. " he goes over to the rack and then chooses a hat and comes back over to us.

He holds out the hat so we all can see and it read on the front " Fuck everyone ".

" Sameee. " Maddie says and laughs while Kylie beside her growls.

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