Chapter 18.

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Once they do, they must have felt the shocks because what they said next left my mouth hanging open.

" Mate. "

They both widen their eyes in realization and they both just stare at eachother for a long moment before I break the silence.

" No way.... " I whisper but they hear me as Kylie looks over at me.

" THIS IS SO PERFECT! I mean my two werewolf best friends get to be mates and plus Kylie you get to be my sister in law isn't this amazing?! " I start fangirling over everything. Sorry I'm just really excited that they'll both be happy now.

" I only don't agree with one thing, " Kylie says making me look at her with confusion, " I am you're only best friend. She can be your friend, but no way in hell I'm sharing. " she gives a wink to me and then looks back at Maddie.

" And no way in hell are you gonna wink at anyone other than me. " Madison puts her hands on her hips and looks at Kylie in a fake mad face. But of course, Kylie being Kylie...

" I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry... " she says hugging onto Madison, making her smirk. I roll my eyes at the two.

" Well this'll be fun to watch. " I laugh and Madison follows suit, Kylie just rolls her eyes at us playfully and then sadly looks at Madison.

" I'm sorry babe but I can't hang out right now, I promised to watch a show with Jessica but it'll only take an hour. Then we can talk all night and get to know eachother okay? " she looks at Madison hopefully. Madison nods her head in understanding, but no way I was gonna let this happen.

" No way, you've been waiting so long to meet your mate. Go hang out with her, I can watch my show with Sean. " I smile at the two and then I realize something.

Sean doesn't know his sister found his mate.

My eyes probably looked like they were about to pop out and I did what I thought would bring Sean's ass in the room.

" AHHHH! " I screamed making Kylie jump and Madison look over at me covering her ears.

" Wow, a girl can yell. " Maddie laughs at me and then I say, " Just wait. " I count to two and then I hear a growl coming from upstairs.

Sean comes running down here in full speed and once he sees me his features relax and he hugs onto me, " Are you hurt? Are you okay? What's wrong Princess?! " he examines me up and down and when he realizes I was okay he sighed.

" What's wrong is you missed a milestone in your sisters life. " I pointed over to the new pair of mates and he looks behind him. His eyes widened and turned back around at me pointing to the both of them as if saying " Them two? Mates? "

" Yes them two who else is in the room? " my arms cross and his eyes go back to the two mates.

He starts walking up to Kylie and ends up towering over her threateningly, " If you ever hurt my sister, you're gonna regret ever coming to this pack, understand? "

" Yeah yeah my best friend wouldn't ever hurt Madison, calm down Mr Alpha. " I walk over to him and place my hand onto his shoulder. He visibly relaxed and Kylie responded, " I wouldn't ever hurt my mate. " she looks into Sean's eyes meaning she's promising it.

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