Chapter 5.

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It's been a month since I had started school and so far so good. I have all A's for my grades except for my grade in Honors English, I have a B+. And also I haven't spoken a word to Sean.

He tried to talk to me my first week a lot and now it's just like he's giving me space. Which I'm thankful for, I don't even know him. He might just want me for my looks... no wonder he looked at me that way in front of the class on my first day. That's how this all started.

I've been ignoring the fact that every time he brushes past me on accident or our arms touch when we are working I feel little sparks.

It's all in my head. I'm trying to convince myself of that but it's like he feels it too. He smiles at me when he thinks I'm not looking, it's just all too strange for me. Does he have a crush on me? Maybe I should at least be friends with the dude. I feel bad.

As for Michael and Makayla we have became really close. Makayla and me more so, we text everyday just like me and Kylie. No one could replace Kylie though.

Makayla knows about my little crush on Sean and everything that's happened so far and she wishes we'd talk more

It's the week of Halloween, Halloween is on Friday and today's Monday. Michael is having a Halloween Bash at his place Halloween night so I'll be there along with Makayla. It'll be nice to be out of the house. Parties aren't really my thing though but with Makayla it'll be nice.

I thought about what costume I'd wearing, Makayla says she has a few Sexy costume ideas in mind, and I guess I'll be willing to try them out. I'm texting Makayla right now about it.

M: How about a police officer costume?
Me: How is that Sexy?
M: You'll see, I think it's perfect.
M: ( sent a photo )
Me: I don't know M..
M: ITS PERFECT YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! Pleaseeeee at least try it on Friday
Me: Okay fine I'll try it.
M: Yay! I'll see ya at school Jess.
Me: See ya.

I took my phone off of the charger and went downstairs to find something to eat for breakfast. Normally I don't eat breakfast but since I have a test in Math today again I'll get a banana or pop tart to go.

I go downstairs and I see my uncle hunched over the kitchen counter... his clothing looked messy and so did his hair and I smelt something but I couldn't put my finger on it.

" Hey uncle Kenny, you okay? " I ask walking up to him slowly. He didn't hear me so I walk up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder, " Hey.. " he turns around to look at me with an angry face and I suddenly know what smell I was smelling.

He was drunk.

I back away from him seeing he was angry. I eye the bottle in his hand and saw it was empty. He must've been up all night thinking about my aunt. He misses her so much and he's had nightmares all week about her and couldn't sleep much anymore, I guess he chose to drink his feelings away...

" Oh no not you too, I can't lose you too. " I broke into tears.

His face got more angry and threw the bottle at me aiming at my head. I dodged it and watched it hit the wall behind me. My eyes widened in horror as he started walking fast towards me.

I screamed as he pulled me by my hair and yanked it as he pushed me down to the floor. " You. You did this. Your the reason I'm like this and why they're gone. Th-They're all gone cause of Jessica Meadows. "

I cried even more as he pulled me up off of the floor by my arm and I'm pretty sure there would be bruises there now.. he held his face close to mine, " Your gonna be late, niece. "

My parents died in a car crash driving to their work after dropped me off at school, since I didn't like the bus much. When I started 6th grade I said they didn't have to drop me off anymore, but they still insisted. My parents only had one car but didn't mind it since they both worked at the same place.

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