Chapter 8.

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I watched intensely as the prince of the rogues and Sean fought. I hope that Sean wins, I do not want to go with a stranger somewhere I don't even know. Maybe I should run off... well that's a bad idea. I don't want to leave Sean and they're werewolves they'll find me eventually.

They both had shifted into their wolves and are constantly nipping and clawing at eachother. It's all moving so fast I can barley tell what's going on.

Sean tries to go for his neck for a quick twist of the neck but is too late as the prince already made plans to bite his leg. Sean dodges it at the last second and the prince bites the air, catching him off guard. The prince falls to the ground in a thump and Sean hold his neck in his mouth.

" Hey, Jess. " I heard a whisper behind me. I look behind me and see Michael in a bush calling me over to him. I rush over and crouch down next to him.

" Sean mind linked me to come and get you before things got out of hand but I ran a little late. Come on we gotta go. " he tells me. I take a final look at Sean and quickly turn away because I knew what was gonna happen next. As Michael took my arm and led me away Sean took his opportunity. I could hear the faint sound of a neck cracking, ending the rogue princes life.

" Where are you taking me to? " I ask Michael.

We get into his car and drive away from the Arby's, the scene, the forest. The place I found out my crush was a werewolf, and that I was his mate. Once I see him again I have some questions. It's all so much to take in.

" To the pack house, I assume you know he's a werewolf already. "

I just nod my head and looked down at the floor of his car.

" I'm a werewolf too. " he glances at me.

I look at him and take in his figure. No wonder he's a werewolf, werewolf's are hot. He's not as hot as Sean though. I could look at Sean all day.

" I'm Sean's mate aren't I? " I ask suddenly.

" Yeah, you are. "

" Thats why he just suddenly has an interest in me! The hottest guy walks in on my first day and stares at me out of everyone else. And then tries to flirt with me and become friends with me. " I rush out.

" Yeaahhh.. I promise he'll explain better than I could. You can stay at the pack house if you want for a little while. "

" I would.. but it would be kinda weird. " I shrug. I just found out I had met my soulmate and that my life was going to be completely different now that I know.

" Yeah I guess, what time is it? " he asks. He can't look at his phone since yeah, he's driving.

I take out my phone and look at the time, " It's.. woah its 4:59. " My eyes almost popped out of my head. I had to get back to the school and get my Jeep! I got to go home! But do I have to.. he is there and I don't feel safe anymore.

" Oh wow, and by the way we are almost at the pack house. "

" Okay. "

The rest of the ride was spent on him talking about how his day at school went. He told me I'd have to watch out for Makayla when I get back cause she's mad I left her. Oh geez, no one messes with her. Grace apparently spilled water on her pants at lunch so it looked like she peed herself, I wish I could've seen that. She probably is just glad Sean wasn't there to see it.

We get to the pack house and I gasp. It's huge! It's also away from any other houses because they want to shift whenever they want here without worrying about humans seeing them. Then it'd be all over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, the news. Everyone freaking out over a werewolf.

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