Chapter 7.

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" Please let go. " I breathed out. My arm still hurts from this morning when my uncle bruised my arm and he's making it hurt worse.

He saw the bruises on my wrists and a hint of confusion tinted his eyes. He pulled my sleeve up and found the bruises. He smirked, " Got in some trouble earlier didn't you? "

" That's none of your business. " I snapped at him, it's really none of his business. If he wanted to have a chat he could let me go, wait scratch that. If he let me go I'd run.

I hadn't had much of a chance to look at his eyes much but they're turning a reddish color.. I didn't think eyes could turn red. My eyes turn gray when I'm sad and have hints of green when I'm excited or really happy.

" I see-.. " he starts saying something but I cut him off, ".. your eyes are turning red. " I quint my eyes looking into them.

He blinks his eyes and his face turned angry, " Never heard of eyes that change colors? " he said like I was two.

" I have, just eyes don't turn red. " I say as if I was interrogating him.

" Thats enough, I'm here to have a chat with you. " he smiles

" Yeah okay what's the deal? " I roll my eyes

He kicked me in my stomach, " Don't talk to me like that. There will be consequences if you misbehave. "

I tried holding my stomach and he just held my hands behind my back, " Now I have to take you somewhere, don't make this any harder. "

" Take me to where..? "

He grinned evilly, " To the pack. You see here? " he motioned towards his eyes

" To the pack? What does your eye color have to do with this? "

" I'm not normal you see, and so is your little boyfriend or should I say ma-... " he was interrupted by the door slamming to the ground. There at the door stood a very livid Sean.

" Let her go. " he said in a voice that could make a grown man pee his pants. I felt kinda an authority to it. He wasn't messing around.

" Whatever you say Alpha Knight. "  Ryan let me go and I fell, of course my legs failed me.

Sean took Ryan by his collar and stormed out out of the bathroom, not before giving me a glance.

" Sean! " I yelled running after him. What's going on?

I looked into the restaurant and saw no one there. They must've left, where would they go.. think Jessica think!

The forest.

I run out of the door and into the parking lot. I look both ways and run towards the forest that's nearby. I look around looking for clues of where they went. " Sean..?! " I call out.

No reply. I sigh and walk deeper into the forest. I wish I could've just seen where they went. What is Sean gonna do to him? I had so many questions right now but I need to find him first.

I heard rustling in the bushes and I looked in that direction but I saw nothing. Okay last time this happened it wasn't just nothing. " Who's there...? " I say in sort of a whisper.

A wolf emerges from the bushes and I heard myself gasp. It was a dirty brown color with red eyes that held determination, and the wolf's mouth was sneered and it started growling.

" Great not this too... please don't hurt me. " I fell onto the ground and started having a panic attack.

First my uncle abuses me this morning, then a guy I don't even know hurts my arm even more, and then tried to kidnap me, and now this. I can't do this, it's too much.

I didn't realize I was saying that all out loud until the wolf stops growling and just kinda stares at me. The wolf changes into a human and I gasp... a very naked human.

I shield my tear filled eyes away from the naked wolf man and I start crying even more. I'm so confused. Werewolf's are.. real?

" Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. " the man says trying to touch my arm.

" N-No, don't touch me. Who are y-you? " I manage to say through my sobs and heaving breathing.

" I'm the rouge prince. I'm guessing you didn't know werewolves were real, since your acting like this. " he motioned to my state.

" Yeah, I always thought they were just fairytales. I'm sorry just a lot has happened today. I've been hearing terms like Alpha and Rogue and just a lot of growling and I'm so confused. "

He crouches down to look at me, " Well your just gonna have to have that talk with Alpha Knight. "

" Why are you calling Sean Alpha Knight? Is he a leader or something? "

" An Alpha is the leader of the pack. They have territories and they also are very overprotective of their mates. Lucky you right? " he laughs

" What's a mate..? I'm Sean's mate? " I ask

" It's a werewolf's other half, their destined partner for life. They were made for eachother. "

" Thats why Sean has been acting this way towards me.. that's why I feel sparks when I touch him! " I shout.

" Yeah. " he rolled his eyes, " Anyway, I need you to come with me. " he smiled evilly.

" Wait... whats a rouge? " I carefully said..

All of the sudden I hear a voice say behind me, " A rouge is a werewolf that has abandoned its pack or was exiled out of the pack. A wolf you cannot trust. Ever. "

I turn around and see an angry Sean. He had blood stains on his shirt and scratches in his arm. I gasped at he sight.. they look bad.

" Sean! " I run towards him, I hug him tightly and feel little tingles shoot throughout my body.

" Hey Princess. " I felt him smile in my shoulder.

" Not to ruin this moment, well actually, I don't care. But this one, " the werewolf prince grabs and pulls me roughly away from Sean, " comes with me. "

No way I'm leaving Sean. Not after I found out everything about him.

I scream and this makes Sean growl loudly, " Let her go. "

" Shall we fight to see who gets the lady? " the werewolf prince asks with a smirk.

" Deal. "


Sorry this update seemed a bit rushed. I have got a lot of homework this week including two book reports. Math is hard so there's a lot of homework for that too. Yay me * note sarcasm *. I tried to update as soon as I could. I usually update every 1-2 days, but if I'm busy it just depends. Welp see ya when the next update happens! ~ Lindsey

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