Chapter 11.

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" She's going to be okay Alpha. " I hear a voice say to apparently an Alpha. It was an older voice that sounded like a males.

" Then why hasn't she woken up yet?! It's been hours! " I hear a voice growl, I know who's it is. It's my mates.

" Her body has just gone through a dramatic state, her body needs to heal a little and refresh before she wakes up. " the other voice says trying to calm down Sean.

" Wait.. her breathings normal again. She's awake! " I hear Sean say. I hear rushing of feet and I try and open my eyes.

" Hey Princess, are you awake? " Sean's voice says hoping I'd respond.

I feel a hand touch mine and it's Sean's because I feel tingles in my hand. I open my eyes and quint my eyes, it's all really white. I jerk myself into a sitting position but I feel a sharp pain in the back of my neck so I groan and lay back to how I was before. " Take it easy baby, you've been through a lot. Baby steps. "

I try and open my eyes again and see a worried Sean. His hair, which is usually messy but it's a sexy kind of messy, is now looking like he has run through it a bunch of times, and his eyes are kind of red from lack of sleep.

" Hey. " was the only thing I could say in the moment, I'm bad at saying anything after events.

He laughed, " Hey, how are you feeling? "

" Kind of okay, my neck hurts and my arms feel sore. " I look down at my arms and see bruises in the shape of fingerprints worse than before.

" Hey.. I didn't notice that before. " Sean took my arm and looked at it closely. I winced and he noticed I had just said it was sore so he put my arm down and muttered, " Sorry.. "

" It's okay. " I smile.

" You've been out for a few hours. " he glanced at the clock on the wall and looked back at me. " I should get the pack doctor and tell him your awake. "

" We are at your pack? And they have a doctor? " I asked curiously. I didn't know they had doctors..

" Yeah, we also have warriors and guards. And dentists since we can't afford to have human dentists look at our teeth and find out we have sharper teeth than normal. Just like doctors. "

" Oh okay. " I said and felt tired again, I yawned and Sean saw because he replied, " You can go back to sleep once the doctor gets here. "

The doctor walked in, " Look who's awake, hello Luna. " he greeted and held his hand out for me to shake.

I took his hand, " Hey, but please just call me Jessica. Luna sounds so formal. " I said shaking my head.

" Okay, well how do you feel? "

" Tired. " I yawned again trying to keep my eyes open. Usually hospital beds are not as comfy, I should know, I've been in one twice.

" Then you can go back to sleep once I do some things. " he smiled and got out his clipboard.

He checked my bruises and my neck and told me I could go home in a few hours, I don't want to go though. Too many bad memories even though the one who made them is now dead.

The doctors left the room and now it's just me and Sean, " You should sleep too, you don't look so good. " I brought my hand up to his face and cupped it, moving my fingers under his eyes.

" Yeah I really should. " he stopped leaning over the bed and told me to move over. I didn't protest or ask why and did as I was told. He jumped into the bed with me and was now laying right beside me. " Really? " I laughed at him.

He looked over at me, " Yep. " he smiled. The bed wasn't as tiny as some also, pretty big, so we could both fit easily.

" Goodnight Princess. " he said looking down at me.

I would've replied but I fell asleep beside my mate.

I woke up and checked the time: 3:24 am

I've only been asleep for two hours. I look beside me and see a soundly sleeping Sean. I giggled silently so I wouldn't wake the Sleeping Beauty and took in his figure. His chest was rising up and down and his face looked peaceful. Usually it doesn't.

I get up and go into the hospital bathroom in my room. I quietly closed the door and turned on the light. I squinted to the brightness and saw a note on the mirror,

You and your mate look peaceful, at least for now. - Unknown

I started breathing heavily and I fell to the floor. No no not again, I just became safe! You're telling me there's more?! I can't do this!

I brought my knees to my chest and rocked myself back and forth trying to calm my breathing and my fast heart rate.

A worried Sean bursts through the door and sees me on the floor and kneels down. He holds me in his arms and coos, " It'll be okay, shhh calm down Princess. "

I rested my chest on his chest and wrapped my arms around his body as I kept shaking and breathing heavily.

He can protect you, now stop acting like a baby and calm down Jessica. You can do it.

Since Sean helps me calm myself down I'm done panicking within 5 minutes and now I'm just listening to his heart beating through his chest. A little quick but steady.

" What made you have a panic attack? " he asked quietly so he wouldn't startle me, looking down at me.

" The note. " that's all I could say so I wouldn't have another episode.

I nuzzled deeper in his chest while he looked around the room for the mysterious note. He looked at the mirror finally and read it to himself. He growled lowly, " No one is going to hurt you, not while I'm here. "

I smiled into his chest and looked up at him, his eyes staring back at mine. Those eyes that make me melt everytime I stare into them.

" Can I stay with you? At the pack house? " I asked him. It's probably a long shot, I just don't want to go back to that horror house.

" Is that even a question? Someone's coming after you, I'm not letting someone get to you that easily. Plus I want you to stay with me, so I can see you everyday. I was going to ask once you turned eighteen but since you'll be living on your own anyway, you can stay with me. " he smiled.

" Thank you Sean. " I smiled back

He leans down and brings his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. I feel the familiar sparks and smile into the kiss, I know he feels them too because we had to stop kissing due to us smiling too hard.

" Huh, I never knew how important you'd be to me. "

I smiled harder, I didn't know that'd be possible.

I sit on his lap and smash my lips on his again. This kiss was quick, but needy.

I need this boy in my life. And I've never wanted someone more.


Sorry for the delay with this update! I had so much going on. But yay! She's going to live with Sean now, thoughts? Oh, please stop thinking dirty, or is that just me?

Anyway! Enjoy your weekend.

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