Chapter 1.

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Ugh. Monday's. Everyone hates Monday's. It's full of nothing but disappointment.

"Like my life since this summer," I thought to myself.

This summer I moved in with my uncle and aunt in Florida when my parents got in a car crash and were killed. Of course, by a drunk driver.

I don't like it here, but maybe that's just cause of my uncle and aunt. They don't care about me at all. And I'm not just exaggerating... they really don't care. They only took me in cause they were told to, and they were also told to enroll me in school for my senior year.

They only feed me and provide the essentials. They never talk to me unless they have to and if I ask to go out of the house their only reply is, " Be back before midnight or we'll beat you. "

They aren't abusive though, they have never laid a finger on me before. They always just leave me be. I don't think they'll actually beat me... right?

On to the topic about school. My first day of high school is today even though the first semester started a few weeks ago. My uncle and aunt neglected the topic until the school called to see if I was still coming in. So they officially enrolled me and today is my first day.

I get dressed into a maroon colored " Nope " shirt that is kinda thin though it doesn't show through, a leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and a pair of black Nike's.

I grab my book bag off of my bed and make sure I have everything I need. I walk to my door and look into my room to try and remember if I'm forgetting anything.

My room is a little on the smallish side. On the left side of my room I have a desk and on it I have a sketchbook, a lamp, and a bunch of art supplies.

On the right side of my room I have my queen sized bed with covers that are blue with all kinds of white designs that almost seem to run forever, and a window that has white blinds covering them.

Lastly, I have a little bin for a trash can next to my desk with a dresser beside it. Pictures of my mom, dad, and my friend from back home with some necklaces. My favorite picture is the one we took on a summer vacation to Disney World when I was 8. It was so fun but very hot.

I shut my bedroom door and walk downstairs to my uncle whispering something to my aunt. Once they know I'm in the room they stop automatically, turning to me.

" You better hurry up before your late. " my uncle tells me with a pleading look to go away.

" Don't worry I'm just walking to the door. "

I sigh as I walk straight pass them, heading out the living room door. My house is two stories but it's not that big. We have 2 bedrooms with 3 baths, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and a office for my uncle.

I walk to my car which is a red Jeep and jump in the car, starting it before taking my phone out of my pocket. I hadn't checked it this morning as I normally do when I first wake up.

2 missed calls from Kylie and 3 new text messages.

I wait for her to pick up her phone when I hear her voice. " Where have you been? I've been trying to call you all morning! "

" I'm sorry Kylie I had to get ready for my first day. "

" Oh yeah your first day is today! I forgot your starting later on. Everyone better be nice to my best friend or I'll throw some hands! "

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