Chapter 13.

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I look up at her. She's about my height, she has dark brown hair with blue eyes with freckles. Not a lot of them covering the whole face, but some around her eyes. Just like mine, but hers are very noticeable. She's wearing a Fall Out Boy shirt, with black sweatpants. No way! Seans sister is a Fall Out Boy fan?!

" You're a Fall Out Boy fan too?! " I practically yell out of the blue. She probably thinks I'm a crazed fan. I'm a huge fan, just not one that's obsessed.

" Omg yes!! " She puts her hands over her mouth. We haven't even known eachother for a few seconds but I can tell we will be good friends.

I'm now standing in front of her and we both kinda scream in a fangirlish way at the same time.

Probably because of the scream, we heard running up the stairs. The door bursted open again showing a worried Alpha. Man what's with this family and bursting through doors?

Sean scanned the room checking if there's any threat, once he sees there was none he frowns at the both of us, " Jess, I guess you have met Madison. "

" Thanks for the introduction brother, but I got this. Hi my names Madison! I'm guessing from the nickname your name is Jessica. "

" Yes. Nice to meet you. " I smile at her being polite.

" No need to be formal, you're my Luna after all. " she laughs

" Yeah but I'm not really into being called by Luna or anything formal unless I have to. "

" Understood. " she nods her head in agreement.

" So what do you guys want for dinner? " Sean asks.

" Maybe we can go out for dinner. " Madison says with a hopeful look to her brother. I turn to him and see the look on his face. It's the ' no way ' look. You know how you know what a person is going to respond before they say it because of the look on their face? Yeah, that's the face.

" No. " he says. See?

" Why not?? " Madison says with a frown.

" Because someone is after Jessica. I will not let her outside of this house until I'm 100% sure that the threat is gone. " he turned and walked out of the room leaving me and Madison by ourselves.

" Wait someone's after you? " She asks facing me with concern written on her face.

" Yeah when I was in the hospital, someone put a note on the bathroom mirror making it clear. " I looked down not wanting to bring it back up.

" Well, you can't go shopping. " she crosses her arms with a thinky face. ( ya know the face people make when they are thinking. )

" Shopping, already? I have some clothes I brought with me from my uncles house. " I pointed towards me and Sean's closet. Well actually it's just mine now because I have a separate walk in closet, but yeah it was his before it was mine.

" Well lets take a look shall we? " she walked into the closet and I could hear hangers sliding and drawers opening and closing until she walked out with one of my favorite Twenty One Pilots hoodies and one of my shirts.

" Well I say you have a good taste in hoodies and music, just not in shirts. Yep, we gotta go shopping as soon as this blows over. "

" Hey! " I walk over to her and take the shirt she was referring to and hugged it, " This is one of my favorites. "

" You need a better taste, but I'm here now so it's all good. " she pats me on the head and takes the shirt from me in the middle of our hug and puts them back in the closet.

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