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~ 1 Year later ~

" Come on you two... Kylie come here for a second please! " I say while desperately trying to get my 5 month old son in his tux. I can't dress two little babies by myself I have to get ready for my wedding in an hour.

" Coming! " Kylie says as she rushing in the room with her big belly. When they found out Madison couldn't get pregnant, they were heartbroken. Well, mostly Madison. She wanted to give birth to the baby so bad and she was locked in her room for a month just crying. Kylie then told her if she still wanted a baby she would find a sperm donor even though it might not work. It was obviously successful and now they both can't wait for next month to arrive!

Me on the other hand, had my babies 5 months ago. Yep, you heard right, I had two! I never would had thought I'd have twins but it happened and I couldn't be more grateful. Me and Sean chose to name the boy Gabriel and the girl Reagan. Their full names are Gabriel Ray Knight and Reagan Casey Knight. They both sounded perfect and we didn't name them until we saw them.

She grabs ahold of Reagan and puts on her dress, which is super tiny and cute, and hold her in her arms, " Aren't you the most precious thing in the world? " she talked in a little voice making me smile.

" And you're super handsome, my little mans gonna be fabulous. " I tie his tie on his suit and Kylie looks at me like I'm nuts, " He's a boy Jess. "

" Doesn't mean he can't be fabulous. Just don't be too fabulous, you might steal the show from me and Dad. " I booped his nose and he showed a cute little smile. I kissed his forehead before giving him to Kylie. They were going to nap while I put my dress on, I have my hair ready and makeup already done so I could makes sure my babies were alright.

Kylie took them out of the room and Madison came rushing in the room to help me into my dress. I loved the design on it, it was a white and very light pink dress with laced floral on the top and the skirt had other floral designs but the designs were mostly on the bottom of the dress. It was beautiful.

Once I was done putting it on I looked at myself in the mirror and took a deep breath. I can't believe I'm about to get married to the love of my life today. It's always been a thing I've always dreamed of, now it's finally happening!

I touched up on some of my makeup and fixed my hair a bit and I looked at the clock and realized it was about time to leave. Wow, today's gone by really fast.

" Come on Jess, the babies are awake, it's time to head to the beach. " Maddie said opening my bedroom door for me. Did I mention I was having a beach wedding? I was worried about my dress getting ruined, but they put sheets down on the sand for us, so now I have no worries or doubts in my mind. I'm not even scared, I'm just excited.

I headed out the door and saw Kylie holding the twins at the bottom of the stairs. I smiled at their cute sleepy faces and went down the stairs. As I was coming down the stairs Kylie starting tearing up.

" Aw Kylie, are you crying? " I said and once I was at the bottom. I wiped an escaped tear off of her face, " I just get emotional at weddings.. " she said and sniffled.

" We aren't even at the wedding yet babe, good luck. " Madison said patting her back and opening the front door for me. We went into the limousine and I took Reagan from Kylie, hoping she didn't throw up on me.

" Are you ready to see Momma walk down the aisle? " I cooed, but she was already asleep. I smiled and I felt the limousine start driving. Gabriel started crying and Maddie took him from Kylie and hushed him. He eventually went to sleep too.

" Have you heard from Sean today? " I said, kind of worried about him. I haven't seen him since yesterday, I know it's not that long ago, but I still get anxious when I don't hear anything from him for a while.

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