Chapter 25.

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For the past few days me and Sean have grown really close, closer than before. We've shared our deepest secrets and stories of us when we were young. I even got myself out of the house! Sean told me he was proud of me and told me he was going with though, probably scared I'd freak out and want to go home.

Now me, Sean, Kylie, Madison, and Michael are in the kitchen discussing plans for today. Madison wants to go to the mall but the rest are kinda tired of going to the same mall over and over. And, I'm not ready to go anytime soon because of what happened.

" I'm not ready to go back guys. " I say shaking my head. Sean's behind me so he rubs my shoulders and I instantly relax. " We know Jess, that's why I'm saying no. I'm tired of the mall anyway. " Michael shrugs and pulls out Eggo Waffles from the fridge and takes out one for himself. We all stare at him and he rolls his eyes at us, " You guys want some too? "

We all nodded still staring at him and he sighs and goes into the fridge to get another box. Since werewolves eat more, he had to get more. Once he was done and we started eating Kylie got an idea, " How about we go to the pool? "

I look around to see everyone's reaction and everyone's eyes were on Sean behind me, " I guess we could. There is no threat towards me or my mate anymore. So I say yes. " he nods his head with the last part and everyone smiles.

" I finally get to go shopping for bathing suits! " Maddie exclaimed, jumping from her seat. Kylie laughed at her reaction, " I get to finally see you in a bathing suit. " her eyebrow raised a bit and Maddie eyes widened. They stared at each-other for a second and Madison gasped out loud and smacked Kylie's arm. Mind link perks.

Sean and Michael seemed to be in a state off too with each other. I tapped Sean's shoulder and he shook his head and his attention was on me, " Everything okay? "

Sean nodded, " Yeah baby, everything's okay. I just have to talk with Madison upstairs for a bit. How about you and Kylie go shopping for bathing suits while we are gone? "

" It'll be that long of a talk? " I raised my eyebrow and Sean held a conflicted look in his eyes and looked at Madison, who was now looking at him with a confused look.

" But I gotta go bathing suit shopping with Kylie and Jessica. " She whined but instantly stopped and nodded to Sean and followed him out the door. What was that about?

" Well that was awkward.. " Michael trailed and then followed them too.

" What's going on? " I asked Kylie.

" They just need to talk for a little bit, I promise you'll know about it once it needs to be said. For now, let's just go shopping. " she said and we got ready to go.


Kylie knew I didn't want to go to the mall so we chose to go to this store that's open everyday, all year, even though it's a store filled with summer necessities. Surfboards, bathing suits, shirts, hoodies, hermit crabs, they got it all.

We got to the store and I went in and went straight to the hermit crabs, they're so cute, I wish I could take one home. Me and Sean came here a little while back and I talked about getting one and he said no, so that's a bummer.

I walked over to the hoodies and looked through a bunch of hoodies. Whenever I shop for hoodies I always want more than one, but I limit to just one because if I didn't I'd have a closet with JUST hoodies.

I picked one out that was red with white letters that said " Lifeguard " on it and I knew I wanted this one. I found one in my size, thankfully, and put it on my arm. Me and Kylie then went to the hats and picked a hat for each of us.

There was a little mirror in the hat section and I looked at myself in it. Wow, I really don't look in the mirror much anymore.

" Hey Jess over here! " I looked over at the voice calling my name and saw Kylie now over at the bathing suits. I started waking over to the bathing suits when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to the person and it was a guy.

" Hey, you're really cute. " He started checking me out and I started getting really uncomfortable, " Uhhh who are you? " I asked him, " My names Tyler, and you are? "

Kylie thankfully came to my aid and took my arm, " She's taken, take a hike weird dude. " she rolled her eyes at him and pulled me away.

" I didn't even get your number! " he yelled after me and Kylie yelled back, " You won't be needing it. "

We got over to the bathing suit section and he left us alone, " Are dudes really this desperate? " I started laughing and Kylie followed suit, " I guess so, but you are hot. "

Kylie's eyes widened and she bursted out, " Don't tell Madison I said that, she'll kill me! "

" Since when are you scared of anyone? " I put my hands on my hips and gave her the ' love makes you different ' look.

" Since I found the girl I was meant to be with. " she smiled and turned away from me and started picking out bathing suits for me and her. I have trouble picking out this kind of stuff myself, I end up looking bad in them.

" Here take these, and I'll have these. " she said, handing me the suits and I headed off to the changing room. I let Kylie change with me because it's not like she hasn't seen it before, and we checked ourselves out in the mirror. I loved the one I had on but Kylie tried on the others and so did I. Kylie liked the second one the most and I loved the first so we went with those and went to the counter to pay for everything. ( I put Jessica's bathing suit at the top )

She payed the guy at the counter and we left to go back to the house. I hope Sean will tell me what's going on when I get there, he's kinda scaring me.


Sean's POV

Me and Madison left the kitchen and Michael followed behind us to my office. I don't like keeping secrets from Jessica, I never have either, it's just this time, this one time, I need to, at least for now.

We all sat down in my office and I thought about how to put what I am about to say.

" You mind linked me this was serious bro, what's up? " Michael said and Madison nodded, " You said the same with me, what's wrong Sean? "

" Since you are my sister, and you are my beta, and my best friend, I'm gonna tell you this, but you have to promise to not tell anyone until I do it. Is that clear? " I slowly said and they nodded at me fast.

I took a deep breath and let it go, " I'm going to propose. "


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