Chapter 22.

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Sean's POV.

Once we got back to the pack house, I brought him to my office and sat him down in the chair in front of my desk with Michael by my side. He wants Jessica back as well so he's not going to play any games. I'm sure as hell not going to either.

" First, how did you become a rogue? " Michael asked leaning against my desk.

" If he's joking I will kill him. "

" Chill man we don't even know anything yet. "

" Not gonna happen, " I growled through the mindlink.

" Dude I want her back too, but we have to hear him out. "

" Whatever. " I shut off the mind link and listened to Jackson.

" Well after you and Jessica stopped showing up, Makayla went insane. She started getting a huge group of people to go against you saying you killed her brother-.. "

I waved him off for him to stop, " I've killed very few people, all who deserved their fate. Who is her brother? "

" William. She said you killed him for no reason and she wanted justice, and that was to... hurt Jessica. " he hesitated before saying the last part and I growled so loud my whole pack probably heard me. Michael put a hand on my shoulder, giving me a sad look but I shoved his arm off of me.

" I killed him because I found out he killed my father. That fucker deserved everything I did to him. "

" Anyway, they all became rogues because they all either needed a leader or were her close friends. I did it because she was my friend and of course I believed her. But the things she is doing are cruel. " he hung his head in shame and ran his hands through his hair. I think he and Makayla were Jessica's friends, I just don't know why she would lie to all of the rogues and make them turn against me and my mate, especially if Jessica didn't do anything wrong.

" You think you know where they are? " Michael said, getting to the point.

" Yes, about 3 hours away from here there's a lake and a little farther there's a big building that they go to. I can lead you there. " he says getting up from his seat and pointing to the door. Is this a trick for an attack? Or is he really on our side?

" Michael I don't know about him. We are just supposed to believe him? " I say through the link.

" I don't know man. Maybe we should go though. I mean not by ourselves but bring warriors with us and hope for the best. If there's an attack waiting for us we fight. "

I guess that could work. This is why Michaels my beta, he can think really quickly and know what to do when I don't. We can bring warriors with us to fight if we need to and if not we can find her if she's there.

" Pack meeting. " I link to my warriors and to Michael. He nods at me and then I look to Jackson, " Are you on our side now? "

Jackson nods, " I'll do whatever you ask me to do. " I give a quick nod and stand to lead him to the room we have just for meetings. I usher them both to follow me while others come behind me to follow me into the room.

We all sit at the huge table and we start making a plan to get my mate back. I draw out a huge map of my neighboring packs and places in the area and Jackson points to where the location of the building is.

" No ones been there since... forever. " One of my warriors, Gale said.

" There's a room where I think they're keeping Jessica locked up and then a bunch of other rooms inside the building where we- or where I used to stay in. " he stutters looking at me carefully.

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