Chapter 21.

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Sean's POV

It's been a week.

She's all I can think about. I haven't been able to sleep or do anything else since I found out someone took Jessica. I haven't even left my office except to go to the bathroom- in my office.

Ive tried searching in and out of my territory, even my guards and warriors, but it's no use. We don't have anything to lead our case. We have no scent, no idea who this person is, or why he wants her. Why does this person want my mate?

All I know is when I find her, I'm gonna kill whoever took her. No one messes with me, if you mess with my mate, you're dead.


Jessica's POV

All I see is darkness.

I try to break free from the chains I'm in, but it's no use. I've tried for about who knows how king. I don't know how much time has passed since I was taken... a few days?

I'm still sitting in the same spot without any hint of who took me or what I'm doing here. The person who took me hasn't shown herself since she took me, just other people who give me food. Only then am I allowed to take the bag off, but the lights are off.

The food isn't that great, probably scraps. I get fed very little too, whoever took me doesn't want me to die of starvation, but wants me to starve at the same time.

My stomach growls and I sigh, feeling tired. I miss eating Pringles whenever I want to and actual food. Most of all I miss Sean...

I wonder how he's doing.. I wasn't even supposed to be out of the house in the first place. If I had just listened to him, I wouldn't be in this situation. I know I didn't know that this would happen, but it's still my fault.

Maybe he doesn't want me anymore. He's probably furious I left the house without permission and thinks he's better off without me. I ran my hand over my mark thinking of everything we have been through. He's really been a huge part of my life these past couple of months.

I've been thinking about a lot lately. I want to mate with him, I think I'm ready, but is he? He gives me hints but I'm not sure unless I ask. I'm that clueless person in the relationship.

A tear slips down my face as I think more and more about him. He's coming for me right? I'm hoping, cause otherwise, I have no strength against werewolves.

Yeah, these people are werewolves too. I was tied up on a wolf on the way over to this place. The one who took me is too. Just one question though, why does she want me?

I have no powers or the ability to shift. Maybe she doesn't know? There's only one way to find out- ask.

" Hey stranger. " the girl who took me says as she closes the wooden door behind her, and locks it with a key. I don't reply and fiddle with my fingers, which only angers her. She rips the bag off of my head and I look around the room to find her but see nothing, the room was dark. She laughs at my confusion and pulls a chain, turning on the light in the middle of the ceiling, revealing herself.

I find myself gasping at who she was. I never knew she'd be capable of something like this... she was always nice.

" Surpriseee. " she laughs taking in my appearance, " You didn't think I was actually your friend, right? "

" Why did you take me Makayla? " i said, getting straight to the point. I just want to go home.

" Well, I knew since I met you that you weren't a werewolf, but I know you have an Alpha mate. Most of the people at our school were werewolves. Plus I knew, one of the most popular guys in school, just so happens to leave with a newbie. That usually doesn't happen unless... you're his mate. " she paces around the room while explaining herself.

" So what is it that you want exactly? " I roll my eyes, she doesn't like it and walks over to me and slaps me, hard. I try and put a hand on my face but the chains stop me.

" Payback. Your mate killed my brother. " as soon as those words left her mouth I gasped. I couldn't ever imagine Sean doing something so harsh as killing someone without a reason, he had to have had a reason.

" That's insane. " I stare at the floor trying to piece everything together, but it just doesn't make any sense. He must've done something to deserve it.

" Yeah. My brother didn't do anything wrong, just one day Sean lashed out at him and killed him. " Makayla grabbed me by my hair and went up close to my face, " And now, I'm going to make sure he pays for what he's done. "

I whimper in pain and a tear slips down my face. Makayla just smiles and pulls harder on my hair making me stiffen with pain. I scrunch my face, hoping that Sean's on his way to save me.

She releases my hair and goes to the center of the room, under the light. " And you know how I'm going to do that? "

I lean against the wall behind me trying to steady my breathing, but I already know the answer.

" You. "

Sean please hurry...


Sean's POV

I've been staring at the living room wall for a few minutes now, just trying to think of her face so I won't go insane.

Michael is sad too that Jessica is missing, I know he feels guilty because every hour he would come into my office asking if I needed anything or wanted anything. Only thing I want is her.

He brought me downstairs for a change in scenery since I've been in that office for two weeks. That's how long she's been missing now. I don't know anything about where she could be at or what is happening to her. Please, no one hurt her. I can't protect her now and I'm falling apart knowing that.

" Sean? " the voice says as I'm ripped away from my thoughts. I jumped, but then relaxed realizing the voice was just Michael sitting beside me.

" What? " I say, surprising myself. I'm losing hope and my voice just shows that.

" We will find her. " he puts a hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me. He slumps back into the couch and puts his hands on his face, well that doesn't give a mixed message at all.

All the sudden I get an alert from my guards.

" Alpha. Get to the border now. "

" On my way. " As soon as I mindlink him back I'm on my feet and rushing myself and Michael out the door. He's my beta, of course I'm bringing him.

We take our clothes off and shift. I ran to the border as fast as I could, wondering what I would find there. I need it to be my mate please let it be my mate, unharmed.

I got there in 3 minutes with Michael trailing behind me and I shift and get my clothes back on.

I see three of my guards at the border with a dude from my school panting like he's been running a lot. He smells like a rouge so I get even angrier, he's not my mate, and he's trespassing my territory.

" What are you doing here Jackson? " I cross my arms across my chest and stare at him with a cold, hard stare.

" It's Jessica. I know what happened to her and possibly where she is. " he pants out while my guards hold him in his place.

With him mentioning my mate, I motion the guards to let him go. They let him go and he falls to the ground with a huff.

" If this is a joke, you're dead. " I growl and drag him and Michael back to the pack house.


Sorry for the long wait but I had a writers block so this chapters probably not my best.

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