Chapter 6.

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The sound of the waterfall in front of me was really peaceful. I ran my hand through the water as I heard Sean come and sit down beside me on the rock.

" Why are you doing this? " I found myself asking.

" Doing what? " he said with a puzzled look

" This... " I motioned towards the waterfall and me "... you took me here. It must be a special place, and we aren't even friends. What made you want to be my friend? "

He sighs, " Ever since I saw you I've wanted to be your friend, you just seem like a kind person and Michael talks about you like your an amazing person. "

" You know Michael? "

" Yeah, hes my bet-best friend. We have known eachother for a long time. " I caught the little slip up but I didn't question it.

" Ohh, yeah Michaels something alright. " I rolled my eyes playfully.

I got up and and walked to the waterfall. It was so beautiful I went up to where all the water was rushing down, I poked my finger through the water and felt it rush down my arm. I laughed to myself and looked to Sean.

He wasn't looking at me at the moment, but at the water looking his reflection. " Boys. " I rolled my eyes.

I turned back around and gasped as I saw there was an opening leading to behind the waterfall. I looked back and Sean and back to the opening. I shrugged and carefully went into it.

The little bit of light coming from the waterfall behind me now lit up the cave just a little. It wasn't a big cave as I could walk to the back of it in about five seconds. I looked back at the waterfall and stared in awe on how much I loved how beautiful it looked from in the cave.

After a few minutes I thought it should be time to go back to Sean. I carefully make my way out of the cave and behind the waterfall. I come back out and Sean is no where in sight.

Where did he go? Did he leave me here by myself?

I looked around and yell, " Sean? "

I don't hear anything and start to panic. I don't know my way back, where did he go?!

I turned around and there stood a behind livid Sean.

" Oh there you are, I was just about to-... "

" Where have you been?! I have been looking all over for you I almost got a search party out to look for you! " he yelled

" I was behind the waterfall.. " I said pointing to it.

" Huh? "

" Yeah come look at it it's really beautiful from inside the cave too! " I grabbed his arm and lead him to the cave. When we both got inside he looked around and was in shock.

He muttered something under his breath and looked at me. " This is actually pretty cool. " he smiled

" Yup... " I stared off somewhere when I got an idea.

I looked at Sean and went out of the cave, I walked to one of the rocks in front of the waterfall and took off my bookbag.

Sean followed behind me and sat down beside me as he looked at me with curiosity, " Whatcha doing? "

I didn't answer, I was too busy getting my colored pencils and sketchbook out of my bookbag. I sat my bookbag down and turned to an empty page, and then I started to draw.

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