Chapter 16.

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Sean told me it wouldn't be formal but I'm still going to dress up a bit. I'll still have my regular look, which is jeans, but I put on a Maroon colored crop top that goes around my lower neck and exposes my shoulders. I wouldn't be able to wear this top at school because it shows " too much skin ". Maybe I'd get the stomach part but they act like shoulders are such a big deal. Just keep your hormones to yourself and all will be well.

I also wore some cute black flats Maddie let me borrow. She said she's going to go shopping after the meeting for me so she wouldn't miss it, plus it's mandatory. Everyone's going to be there.. and so I've heard, no one knows why. I'll be a surprise!

I look in the mirror one last time and I'm satisfied with how great I look today. I took a shower yesterday and braided my hair so when I took my hair out, it was nice and curly. Everyone asks if my hair color is natural and also if my curls are natural. I always reply yes and they complement me.

That's one of the things I've always admired about myself, my hair. Sometimes it's all frizzy and blah but then if it gets to frizzy, I wash it, it always helps. Then there's my eyes, light blue that had the ability to look grey if I was sad, and green when really happy.

I go downstairs and see everyone's eyes on me. Wow, that was fast. Some people just stare while others whisper into people's ears. Now I'm really nervous.. Sean's Mom is supposed to be here too.

Madison comes down the stairs behind me and puts her hand on my shoulder, sensing my discomfort. I turn my head to her and smile and try to find Sean. I feel more comfortable when I find him in the living room talking to someone I don't know. Well, I don't know almost anyone here.

I walk up to him and put my arm around his hugging close to him. He probably senses my discomfort too so he kisses me on the forehead, " Hey Mom, I want you to meet my mate, Jessica. "  OHHH this is his mom... oh shit. Not ready, abort mission!

" Hello Mrs. Knight, nice to meet you. " I say and hold out my hand for her.

She smiles sweetly and shakes my hand, " Don't be so formal, call me Caroline. "

I smile back and she pulls me into a hug, " I've been dreaming of the day I could meet my sons mate! I just didn't know she'd be so beautiful. "

I blush and smile embarrassed, " Thank you. "

She lets go and she sees me blushing, " Don't be so surprised I said that! Boys must be lining at your door. "

" They better not be, I'll shut them up real quick. " Sean says in mostly a growl.

" Yeah yeah calm down Mr. Alpha. " she pats his shoulder playfully and walks into the kitchen.

" Well I like your mom. " I laugh hugging Sean, leaning my head against his chest.

" I knew you would, I'm just glad she likes you too. " he rests his chin on my head and kisses my forehead again.

" You guys are making me wanna throw up. " Maddie says walking up to us making a fake gagging noise.

" Shut it. " I say smiling.

" Whatever, Jess wanna get snacks? " she says pointing towards the kitchen.

" I'm not really that hungry. " I tell her still hugging Sean.

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