Chapter 12.

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Sean and I headed back to the house to get some of my stuff, after the accident, I didn't want to go, but I had to get my stuff. Once we got there, I got out of the car and just stood there. I was terrified, even though the reason behind it, was dead. Sean was there to take my hand and assure me it'll be okay.

The place is a crime scene with police tape around the front yard and police officers in my living room blocking off some areas. They allowed me to go up to my room and gather my things, so that's good.

Right now I'm packing in a bag Sean gave me to pack all of my things in. I made sure to grab some of my mom and dads things I kept after they died. I have my dads hat that he would wear everyday, everywhere, and his wedding ring. I have my moms wedding ring as well, some of her clothing that could fit me, and a necklace. I couldn't leave that behind. It was a flower necklace made of real diamonds. It's one of my favorites aside from my rose gold one. ( the necklace is up at the top that I picked for this story, but if you want to imagine something else, feel free. )

I would miss my desk, I kept everything in that desk. Papers for school, drawings, other papers, and pairs of earbuds I have had over the years. I don't know why, but every time I have a pair, one day they mysteriously stop working or start acting funny. Weird!

I have headphones too, two pairs. I have this Skull-candy light pink ones I used a few years ago. It's still in perfect condition, if you don't count a scratch on the right side of the expandable headband. I remember how that happened. Me and my cousin were playing around in the backyard and we play fighted over them, we ended up dropping it on a rock. I cried thinking it wouldn't work but there was no damage to the headphones and how they worked, just how they looked.

My other pair is a black pair that lights up in the ears that so happen to be speakers. I use those every once in a while, but I prefer earbuds. They're much simpler.

I pack those in my bag and take a look on a little table in my room. On the table, they're little glass animals I would get from an art museum. I have a horse ( my favorite duh ), dolphin, dragonfly, duck, mouse, and a unicorn. When you bought them, they came with tiny gold or silver boxes, so I put them in their boxes and tucked them in the bag as well.

I have my sketchbooks I have drawn in over the years and all my art supplies too. Mostly my bag is full of those, Sean said I can get more clothes later cause his sister is dying to meet and go shopping with me. Greaaattt...

Last thing I packed was my hoodies. I absolutely love hoodies. I'd rather wear those all day then shirts but I get hot and cold very easily. I have one that's a navy blue that says on the front " Myrtle Beach, Sc " from the times I'd go with my mom and dad on vacation. The last two times I told them I'd buy a hoodie every time we went there. The last time we did, I bought a red Lifeguard hoodie with SC on it so everyone knew I went there. I also have one of my moms old hoodies that's a pretty dark red, it's simple with no writing or designs on it. It's a little big on me but I don't care, it's comfortable.

I hope when me and Sean's sister go shopping I'll get some more hoodies.

I look into my room for the last time and walk out. Sean was up in my room with me before but Michael mind linked him to go to the pack house real quick for an emergency. He said he'd come and get me when I'm ready to go. I texted him I was ready and chose to call Kylie. I haven't talked to her in ages, I'm not going to tell her about Sean being a werewolf though.

I tap on her contact and I wait for the phone to ring. On the second ring it went straight to voicemail and I frowned, I wonder what's she's doing. I leaned up against a tree in my front yard and thought about going on Pinterest to search some Pins about drawings I could do.

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