Chapter 29.

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Last chapter before the epilogue so enjoy!


Last night was the night I became engaged to my mate. I'm still staring at the ring, not for its quality, just out of amazement that my big day is coming up in a couple of months. Me and Sean are planning a huge wedding and it's going to take months of preparation. ( dress at the top )

Madison and Kylie slowly walked into the room and saw me checking out my ring. I lifted my head up just to see them eye each other, and then squeal, making my eardrums bleed. Not literally though, that would be bad.

" Calm down, geezus! " I said walking to the door. I shut the door and waited a few seconds before I squealed and they squealed with me.

" I can't believe he did it last night! A lot of things sure did happen yesterday. " Madison said and held my hand to look at the ring.

" Wow, he must really love you. " Kylie said, smirking at me while crossing her arms.

" So Kylie... this reminds me. " I said while circling around her for effect.

" Yeah..? "

" When are you going to propose to Maddie? " I said and smirked. The both of them turned a deep shade of red and turned towards each other. They looked shocked and it made me start laughing, " Oh my gosh guys. "

" Lets just get you ready for your Luna Ceremony, and ball. " Maddie said smiling, wanting to change the topic, while Kylie still was standing there. She was too stunned to move.

We walked to Madison's room, since she has a beautiful vanity, and I sat down in front of it. I printed out a few pictures of fancy hair ideas we could do and showed them to the girls for their opinion.

" I like the third one the best.. it would look super pretty on you. " Kylie said and picked up the third picture. I held it in my hand and smiled, " I liked that one best too. "

" I liked the fifth one... " Madison said and we narrowed our eyes at her, " Okay okay geez. " she said and put her hands up in surrender.

Madison wants to be a hair stylist so she styled my hair while Kylie did my makeup. I don't know much about makeup, so I trusted Kylie to do her magic. I watched in the mirror while they did their thing and when they were finished I couldn't believe how gorgeous I looked! I wasn't so caked in my makeup that you couldn't tell who I was, but there was a fair amount. It went really good with my dress, which was the best part of the whole thing.

Its traditional dress that all the Luna's in the past have wore to their Luna Ceremony. I'm happy that I have been honored to be apart of something as special as being Luna to a pack of a bunch of people... I don't even know how many people are in the pack. I need to ask Sean later.

I went into the closet to put on the dress and tried to be careful. When it comes to dresses, I don't wear much of them. I try to be very careful when putting on dresses when I do because if it's delicate or fancy I'm afraid of tearing it.

When I'm finished I walk out of the closet to see the girls reaction. I brace for the impact and SHE BLOWS!




I laugh at their reactions and walk to the body length mirror to check myself out. The dress and me look beautiful, the dress mostly though. It was pink with designs on the breast and it flowed behind me. It wasn't too long so it didn't bother me.

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