Chapter 24.

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I'm trying to savor the yummy French Fry as much as I can cause it's my last one. I frown when I realize I'm done with my food and get up to throw away my plate. I go to the trash can and realize it's almost full so I put my plate in the trash and go to wear we keep the trash bags.

I reach in the cabinet and grab a new trash bag and shut the cabinet door. I tie the filled trash bag and took it out of the can and plopped the new bag in the can.

I sling the trash bag over my shoulder and head to the front door. As I step outside the fresh night breeze hits my face as I smelled the air. I love the smell outside after it rains.

It's just sprinkling now so I feel drops of rain as I put the trash in the trash can outside. As I walk back to the house I feel watched and I turn around to see if anything was around. I don't see anything so I shrug and keep walking to the door.

All the sudden I hear footsteps as if someone was sprinting and before I turned around a snout nudged into my ass. I gasped and turned around flustered.

" What the hell Sean you scared me. " I glare at his wolf and turn on my heel to go back inside. I hear bones snapping behind me and shuffling and I know he's shifting back so I get an idea and run as fast as I can inside, ignoring the fact he's a werewolf and he can probably run faster than me.

I find a random room down the main hallway of the house on the downstairs floor and shut the door behind me. It's dark in here but I think turning on the lights will give me away so I refrain from doing so.

It's a large room so I walk around and try to make out images as best as I can from the few windows inside.

Okay so I see tables and chairs.. a lot of books and shelves. Hey! I found the library finally.. I've been trying to look for this room but never got to it.

I go deeper into the room and I couldn't help but stare at all the shelves of books. There must me a bunch for this size of a room.

I suddenly remember what I was doing here and heard him running down the hallway to find me. I could tell he was getting close so I hid behind something and tried so hard not to giggle at this game.

After a minute he found the room and I tried my best to keep quiet as he roamed around the room sniffing everywhere he went.

" I can smell you Jess, you have no where to hide now. "

I tried not to laugh at his choice of words and I looked at the shelf of books I was beside. I took one out of the slot and read the title: " Wolf terms and conditions: What to Know "

Would've been useful about a year ago. Oh have I mentioned out 1 year is coming up? I've recently been drawing a picture of the two of us that Madison took on our one month anniversary. It looks really good right now so hopefully it turns out the same.

" I gotcha! " he said he's in victory as he stands in front of me with that signature smirk on his face.

" Yeah yeah, I've never seen your library before.. " I stood up and found the nearest light switch, turning it on revealing the place. It looks gorgeous with huge shelves lining the walls and every now and then stops for a window to be placed in its place. The windows look huge too now.

" I don't come in here much. " Sean says while he keeps looking for a reaction out of me. When I look back at him I smile excitedly in response and he chuckles.

" I love it in here already. I love reading. " I blush, embarrassed that I'm this excited over his library when he obviously doesn't feel the same about it.

" Then it's yours. " he says making me stare at him, shock written all over my face. ( haha beauty and the beast reference )

" Wait what? " I ask while I try my best to keep my mouth closed but failed. He laughed at my response, " I rarely ever come in here unless it's for research and when I do I get a book and leave to go in my office. I'm sure you'll have more fun in this room then I ever will. It's yours. " he holds my hands in his and I get so excited again. I grab his face and give him a quick kiss, " Thank you thank you thank you. " I said repeatedly making him huge me tight.

" You know your really cute when your happy. "

" Oh yeah? " I pull away and raise a brow.

" Yup. " he kisses my forehead and we head out to the living room to meet Michaels new mate. Apparently while Sean and Michael where getting food Michael found his mate so we gotta meet the betas mate. I'm honestly excited to meet her cause whoever it is I hope me, Maddie, Kylie, and her will be best friends. You know the whole cliché.

We walk into the living room hand in hand as I get a glimpse of his mate. She has blonde hair with green eyes that almost match Michaels eyes and she's gorgeous.

" Hey Claire I want you to meet Sean and Jessica the Alpha and soon to be Luna of the pack. " Michael introduces us and Claire smiles sweetly and holds out her hand to shake our hands, " Nice to meet you both. "

" You too. " I smile back and Sean says, " Welcome to the Knight pack Claire. I guess we have two new members of the pack in a week. " i nod my head remembering Jackson joined the pack too. I haven't seen him lately, he said he felt bad about what happened and that he felt guilty so he left for a while to find his purpose. I guess that makes sense..?

" I'll show you around. " Michael says taking her hand and guiding her down the main hallway. My eyes widen and I speed walk to the entrance of the main hallway and call to them, " Hey! Make sure to check out the library! " I hear Sean laugh behind me and I turn around to him and stick out my tongue. He smirks and then all the sudden he was beside me. Darn his wolfy speed...

" I wouldn't stick your tongue out again Princess. " he whispers in my ear. I got curious so I stuck my tongue out again. Just as I was about to put it back in my mouth Sean took the opportunity to link my tongue. I gasped at his actions and took a step backwards, I wasn't expecting that.

" Told you not to. " he winked at me and I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to change into my pajamas. If what Sean said was true, which usually he sticks to his word, then I'm losing my virginity tonight. I hadn't lost it yet because I've always been waiting for the right guy to lose it to and he never showed. Now that he's here, do I go for it?

I undress and I'm left naked going through my closet to find the lingeries I bought the day I was taken. I hesitate and put the lingerie on ( shown up top ) I walk up to the full length mirror and examine myself. I look sexy. I laugh to myself at my comment and put on one of Sean's white shirts and a pair of his boxers. My lingerie barley shoes through the shirt so I think it'll be surprise.

I plop on the bed and turn on the TV and started watching my favorite show- of course it's The Crossing. It's on tonight and I haven't watched it yet. So I watch while I wait.

After half an hour Sean walks in the room and spots me on the bed, he smirks and walks to his side. He lays beside me and whispers in my ear, " You look sexy in my shirt Princess. " that makes me shiver as I look into his eyes and see they're turning black, making me think negative.

" Remember what I said earlier? " he purrs in my ear, placing me on his lap. I reach for the remote and turn the TV off, my show will have to wait.

" Yep. " I barley have any time for the words to come out of my mouth as his lips are brought to mine with some force.

Tonight will be a night to remember.


Next chapter will be a chapter just for the sex scene so it'll not be an actual chapter because it goes along with this one. I didn't think everyone wanted to see the chapter so I'm making it a whole new chapter and you can skip if you want. For my freaky readers, stay tuned!

And if you want to skip, you can and you won't miss anything. Next chapter will be the morning after so the nasty is done with.

I have a new idea for a book! I just started writing the first chapter for it but I don't know when the first chapter will be up. Spoiler: The book will be called " Magically Gifted ". I'll keep you updated when I find out when I'll be releasing the first chapter and details.

Until next time (;

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