Chapter 23.

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It's been a week since I have been back home and I've been happier than ever. Me and Sean went out on a date last night and just crashed on the couch and stayed up all night watching Netflix. More like making out half the time but whatever... don't judge me.

Kylie and Madison are happy too. They marked eachother while I was gone and are more protective over eachother. I can relate.. Sean's overprotective of me and has been more protective since he marked me. He's an Alpha so what can I expect?

It's now midday and me and Sean are just cuddling with each other on the couch watching Finding Dory. His choice not mine.

" Finding Dory is better then Finding Nemo. No exceptions. " he crosses his arms and pouts like a two year old. I take his face in my hands, " The original, Finding Nemo, is wayyy better then this movie babe. " he frowns at my statement while I just giggle at his scrunched up face.

" Mkay, y'all are cute and all, but please get a room. " Madison walks in the living room and plops down on the other couch beside the one me and Sean are laying on.

" Says the one who was making out with her girlfriend the day you met IN the living room. " I stuck out my tongue at her in victory as she rolled her eyes and got off the couch.

" Leaving so soon? " Sean asks playfully and I try my hardest to cover up a laugh that slipped out, making Sean burst out laughing. I laughed along with him and we had a laughing fit for about a minute until I realized what part of Finding Dory we were on.

" Sean look! " I pointed at the screen right as the part was playing of when Dory was dropped into a huge tank to find her family.

" Oh yeah I like this part. " We snuggle back up on the couch and watch the movie for about another 10 minutes until Michael comes into the room.

" Hey dude, you wanna go get something to eat? " he says while plopping on the couch next to us. What's with people interrupting??

" Are you ready to eat lunch? " Sean asks me with a cute grin on his face. Ever since I've been back he's been wanting to do everything with me. It's cute but when I'm in the bathroom he worries that someone could come back without him knowing.. which gets annoying after a while.

" Sure. " I smile at his cute grin and we get up off the couch and I go up to the room to get changed.

I close the door and go into my closet to find something to wear. Kylie and Madison took everything I got at the mall the day I was took and put it in my closet for when I returned. I saw the hat I bought and frowned at the memory. That couldn't happen again right? I mean they killed everyone who took me or were involved but I just don't feel comfortable going out in public yet... how am I going to tell Sean?

" Hey Jess? " Sean calls out on the other side of the door.

I exited my closet and opened the door to our bedroom to reveal a worried Sean, " You ready to go? "

" Can you and Michael go without me? I'll make something here. " I try and make the best fake smile I can do but Sean sees right through it.

" What's wrong Princess? " he asks worriedly and I sit down on the bed.

I sighed, " Nothing just can you? " I really don't want to tell him, it's the first time I've been out since that day and I just don't feel comfortable yet. Would he understand?

He sat down on the bed next to me and takes my hands in his. I look up into his eyes that always seem to capture me in them and muster a small smile.

" You know you can tell me anything right? " Sean says lowly, I hesitate and then choose to just tell him. He's not the type of person to judge me, " I'm scared Sean. "

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