Chapter forty: Try anything and I'll skin you alive.

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Chapter forty: Try anything and I'll skin you alive.

I paced back and forth in my bedroom as I chewed on my nails and waited for Ryland to show up. After I said that to Ryland, the guys and Rhiannon flipped their shit. I did what I do best; ran. I ran up into my room and locked the door.

I got a text from Ryland saying he was outside and I slipped into my jacket before I unlocked the door and made my way downstairs into the kitchen where my mom was typing away on her phone. She doesn't even care when the guys are here now, she only cares when my dads around and they are.

"Hey mom." I walked up to the island and she looked up.

"Yes, my dear?" She sighed and turned her attention to me.

"I know it's late," I glanced at the clock; 8:30 pm. "But there's this drive in movie that I told Ryland and Xavier I could go to with them but I completely forgot to ask."

"Just be careful and stay by Ryland's side the whole time." She ordered, "And call me if you're going to be out past one."

"Okay. Thanks mom." I grinned and walked out of the kitchen into the living room where everyone was sitting still.

"Wait- noah." Mom rushed into the room and handed me fifty bucks. "So you have enough to pay for the ticket and snacks."

I flashed a smile, "Thanks mom. Bye." I waved and made my way through the living room. Jude placed a hand on my wrist; stopping me.

"Mom I thought she couldn't go out without Will or I by her side." He called out and we all waited for a response.

"She's going to be with those handsome boys, Xavier and Ryland. They'll keep her safe. They're from diavolos." She called back and I facepalmed.

"Handsome boys. Really ma?" I shouted and she laughed.

"I mean hey, if Ryland or Xavier happen to have a thing for you it'd work well and your father would approve."

My eyes landed on Asher who was glaring at the wall. "Not interested mom."

"Yea yea." She mumbled.

I rolled my eyes, "I'll be back after the movie."

I turned heels and walked into the foyer then out the front door. I walked over to Ryland's car.

"Hey." I sighed and climbed in.

"Hola." He said chirpily as we drove off. "Okay, give me a run down of what happen."

As we drove, I told him everything I knew and about who Christian was.

"That's...insane." He finished after a long pause. "Why can't you just tell Asher?"

I told him about that also.

"He'll flip his shit. Just like Jude and Will and Blake, Damien, hell even Antonio will flip out." I sighed rubbing my forehead.

"Asher would be a jealous fuck too." He added.

I rolled my eyes, "He would not."

"Please. If I found out that someone I was with went to Rhode Island to find them then started a manhunt trying to find the person who hurt them, I'd be jealous too."

"Okay but this guy killed Gavin." I stated, "He's dangerous. Christian said he's going to come after me too."

"Do you even know this Gavin guy?" He sighed and I shook my head no. "Then why are you going through so much trouble to find him if your friend is going to be okay?"

"Because even though I don't know him, it was an unjustified shooting that killed him. He deserves justice." I explained. "Christian thinks that something we were involved with back in Brownsville is somehow connected to what's going on here."

"But Gavin's not from Brownsville. How would it be connected?" He said as we turned onto the highway.

"Escobar thinks maybe we all knew someone in common. Christian thinks the bullet was meant for me and that Gavin was only to get back at him. Escobar doesn't think it's the case and just thinks it's all connected to something bigger." I said as I scanned the list of names I'd gotten.

"Do you think that maybe they found something out they weren't supposed to? Or they didn't know they knew something they shouldn't have?"

I mentally debated for a second, "It's possible...but why kill Gavin?"

Ryland sighed, "Warning?" I just nodded as we got off the exit. "This guys in downtown?" He asked nervously and I nodded.

"He's meeting us at a warehouse. There's some sort of party going on." I said.

"After him we only have two more men to look for then you'll handle Asher?" He let out a breath and I nodded.

About twenty minutes later, we pulled up to the warehouse. No races, no fighting, just a large group of people having a good time.

"Come on." I mumbled and we climbed out of the car; shutting the doors behind us. We walked silently towards the warehouse. When we entered, I was instantly hit with the smell of alcohol and weed.

"Who are we looking for?" Ryland yelled over the music.

I looked at the message then looked back up, "He said look for the girl in the zebra print tube top."

We began scanning the crowd but couldn't find anything. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around, sure enough there she was.

"Boss said to look for the girl with the cool hair." She chewed her gum obnoxiously. "Follow me."

We followed the girl through the crowd then up the stairs into a room that overlooked the whole crowd.

"You can tell you're new around here." She placed her hands on her hips once she shut the door.

"How so?" I cocked an eyebrow.

She grinned, "You're outfit. The way you walk and carry yourself. You can tell that these guys here don't intimidate you. You give off a Harley Quinn kind of vibe. The hair makes you seem more and more like her. You're a psychotic bitch. It's sexy." She admitted.

"Enough with the flirting." A man entered the room that was lit with red lighting. "You're dismissed."

The girl winked at me before leaving the room. Ryland gave me an amused look and I glared at him before stepping up to the man.

"Try anything and I'll skin you alive. I have men all over this place. You won't escape alive." He threatened and I nodded. He eyed me before extending his hand, "I'm Stephen Valencia."

"I'm Noah, and this is Ryland." I shook his hand.

"You know, the only reason I agreed to this is because I'm curious as to why a young girl like you, with no gang affiliations, has requested to meet with me." He said and took a drag off a blunt. He offered Ryland and I some and I politely declined while we moved over to a leather couch. "Now. Tell me what's going on."

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