Chapter thirty two: Home?

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Chapter thirty two: Home?

Other than the noise of the generator, the room was a silent concrete box. It could be anywhere. I craned my neck for a window, there was none. For all I knew I could be deep underground, in some random room in a isolated prison or in someone's personal cell. Above the only source of light was an old fashioned bulb on a bare white wire and its switch was nowhere to be seen. There was something amateurish about the way the concrete walls had been set. The angles weren't quite right and there was a roughness to the texture. That in itself ruled out quite a lot of places and potential abductors. My money was on this being someone's personal homemade jail cell and that could either be far preferable or very, very bad.

"Let me the hell out! Please! This has gone on long enough!"I screamed as I tried to yank the chains that were wrapped tightly around my raw wrists out of the wall. I'd tried to escape to many times to the man chained me to the wall, now I gave even walk two feet into the room and when I need to use the bathroom, he sends someone down to unchain me.

The small speaker in the room began to make an ear piercing sound and I let out a scream and covered my ears in pain. The dark, humorous laugh was heard throughout the small cell and the Marilyn Monroe version of 'Happy birthday' began playing.

"Happy birthday, princess." He chuckled deeply through the speakers then the room went dark. I heard the door click open and a candle was lit, he began to set up an abundance of candles around me, in the shape of a heart before he sat down besides me. My breath hitched.

"It's your eighteenth birthday, my love." The unfamiliar man said huskily and used the back of his hand to caress my cheek.

"I am?" I found myself asking and he nodded.

"You've been with me for five months now. I've claimed you. You know you're my whore." He growled and backhanded me across the face. I hissed out in pain and he sighed. "You know. I started this to get money from your father. But as I carried you into the basement, your feet dragging against every step it took to get to the ground floor. I sat you in a sitting position and chained you to the wall. I stared at you for a moment and smiled. The dim light made your skin sparkle and glow. That's when I knew that no amount of money would make me give you up. I'm glad I have you forever now. I wouldn't call it obsessed, I'd call it destiny. And it hurts me to hurt you so just obey me. Eventually, I'll let you upstairs." He leaned over and blew out each candle.

"Really?" I asked with wide eyes. "When? Please, let me come up with you." I found myself literally on my knees begging. "I'll do anything you want. Please, I just want to see the sunlight again."

He didn't say anything but I knew what to do before he left. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down before I gave him what he deserves. At least I can make one person happy.

When he finished, he pulled his jeans up then yanked me up by my hair. "Filthy whore." He chucked huskily then brought his arm back then hit me hard.

I whimpered in pain which just made him happier.

Good. He's happy.

"Fight me." He yanked my arms and I began to kick at him as he tried to near me again. He stopped and laughed before turning the lights on and grabbing something from the hall. He walked back in with a bright smile on his face as he chanted 'happy birthday' over and over in different voices.

Just as he neared me, a gun shot was heard and he collapsed to the floor. I let out a murderous scream when his body fell on top of me. I couldn't stop screaming and crying as he pleaded for help.

The police walked in, handcuffed the man and called for a 'bus'. "Unchain her." The head officer demanded as he walked to my side, "Hi, Noah. I'm Olivia, Olivia benson and this is detective Elliott Stabler. We're going to get you out of here? Okay?" She reached for me and I winced. I don't deserve to leave here. I'm an impure whore who should rot in hell.

The chains dropped, and I stuck my hands out in front of me. They reached all the way...I'm free.

Detective Stabler wrapped his jacket around me and they led me out of the room into a cold and empty hallway. There was nothing here. No one here. "Where is everyone?" I asked them.

"Don't worry about them right now, we'll handle them later, right now we're worried about you." She said as we walked up creaky wooden stairs. We entered a kitchen, where a woman was handcuffed, as well as a few other men. Detective Benson steered me out of the room and down another hall into a living room then out the front door, and into the sunlight.

There were police cars surrounding the house, caution tape was put up around it as well, and all the neighbors were standing at the end of their driveways trying to see what was going on. When they saw me, I noticed they all began talking to each other and my heart sank.

"Okay honey, we're going to take you to the hospital then we can take you home or down to the precinct." I held up one finger, "Home?" She asked and I nodded.

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