Chapter four: God, I sound like my mother.

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Chapter four: God, I sound like my mother.

I laughed and sang along to the song, "So I cut you off I don't need your love. 'Cause I already cried enough. I've been done I've been movin' on since we said goodbye. I cut you off. I don't need your love, so you can try all you want. Your time is up, I'll tell you why. You say you're sorry. But it's too late now. So save it, get gone, shut up 'cause if you think I care about you now. Well, boy, I don't give a fuck!" We sang in unison as we played the game.

The door slid open and instantly, Blake and Damien groaned. "Seriously, Rhi?"

"We got dibs." She stated. "I have a friend now. We get to claim it sometimes too."

"You don't even know how to play call of duty!"  Damien whined basically stomping his feet. Asher plopped himself on the couch and pulled out his phone.

"You're right. I don't, but she is a fucking god. You try beating her." She held out the remote and stood up.

Damien eyed me suspiciously then sat down.
"Game on." He stated and instantly we began clicking our controllers.

They seem normal but they're they're dangerous. Extremely dangerous.

My dads words rang through my head and my breath hitched.

"Okay, so continue with the rules please." Rhiannon tapped my shoulder and motioned to the notes she'd been typing on her phone.

I sighed and turned back to the game, "Rule number four is that you have to be looking pure. Give him a kiss at the door after a date and leave him wanting more."

"I'm sorry, but what the fuck are you teaching my little sister?" Blake glared at me.

I tilted my head back to look at him behind me, "She wants a boyfriend."

"No!" Rhiannon shrieked and cringed as Blake's eyes landed on her.

"The fuck? You're fifteen! Way to young for a boyfriend." He stated and she looked down defeated.

"Please, like you didn't have a girlfriend at fifteen." I scoffed and he looked shocked at me arguing with him.

"You're right. I did. Which is how I know what fifteen year old boys are like." He glared.

I shrugged and paused the game making Damien groan before I turned to him, "I don't know what you were doing to your girlfriends at fifteen but there are nice boys out there."

He narrowed his eyes, "She's my sister."

"Exactly. Your sister. Not your daughter. You can't control her." I stated and Rhiannon grinned.

"She's right." Asher spoke for the first time all night.

"What?" Blake glared at his friend and even Damien turned in shock. "You're agreeing with her?"

"Well I mean, if she gets her heartbroken that's on her but you can't control every aspect of her life." He stated nonchalantly.

We all opened our mouths to speak but my phone rang cutting us off. My cheeks turned bright red at the ringtone. It was Thomas Retts song 'unforgettable'.

"I like country music, okay?" I mumbled then pressed the answer key. "Orange." I answered. Every time I called someone they said 'yellow' as a greeting so I started saying 'orange' as mine.

"Yellow." Jude chuckled and my eyes widened. I hadn't gotten a chance to speak to him since I moved.

"Jude." I said oddly surprised and Rhiannon smirked and started mouthing 'ship'. I told her about Jude and instantly she started shipping it.

"Noah." He mimicked and I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. "Quit rolling your eyes. I know you."

"Creep." I muttered.

"How're things in the city?"

"Nothing like the farm that's for sure." I muttered and he let out a laugh, "Can I call you later? I'm at a sleepover right now."

Instantly, I heard Damien and Blake moaning.

"Pass the blunt!" Rhiannon yelled and I facepalmed.

"You're cheating on me with other friends?" He fake gasped, "That was our thing!"

"Shut up." I laughed.

"Call you later, love you."

"You too." I hung up them tossed my phone down on the couch and picked up a pillow and began whacking Blake and Damien, then Rhiannon. They tried to fight back but they were to busy laughing.

"It's not funny! What if I was on the phone with my grandma?" I scowled and they began laughing louder.

"Pizza!" Darcy yelled from the kitchen. We all shot up and ran out to the table. I took a seat and grabbed pizza along with everyone else then thanked Darcy before she left saying she was going to be back later.

"So, Rhiannon. This boyfriend isn't someone named Gavin, correct?" Damien asked and she rolled her eyes. "If a football player approaches you and he's name Gavin, run." He said to me.

I nodded, "I've been warned about you all."

"You all?" The three guys chorused then glared at Rhiannon.

"There goes my hopes and dreams of banging the hot new girl!" Damien whined and my mouth gaped while Blake slapped him with wide eyes. His mouth made an 'o' shape.

"Well there is two others who are way prettier and are more boy crazy. Over you three especially." I added.

"You're the hottest of them all though." Blake said bluntly, "The other two try way to hard and you just exist and we're like 'ohh damn'."

My cheeks turned bright red and Rhiannon literally threw a slice of pizza at her brother. "Back off. She and Jude are going to end up together. He's good."

"Really?" Blake glared at his sister as he peeled the pizza off his face and tossed it on the ground before wiping his face with a napkin.

My mouth gaped, "You just threw the pizza! Are you going to clean that?"

God, I sound like my mother.

"The dog will get it." He shrugged nonchalantly and I let out a squeal and jumped up.

"You have a dog?" I asked Rhiannon and she nodded with a light laugh.

"His name is pebble. He's very clumsy. Pebble!" She called for the dog and instantly I heard loud 'thumps' coming from the stairs. A very large and very fluffy appeared in front of me.

"Oh my god! Look at you! Pebble, oh my god you're huge!" I let out a laugh and sat on the ground with him then turned back to Rhiannon where all four of them were staring in amusement. "Why is his name pebble? He's bigger than me! Literally!" I asked incredulously.

"For the irony." Blake answered then they all turned and continued to eat while I sat with the giant furball.

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