Chapter forty three: I love you, Noah.

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Chapter forty three: I love you, Noah.

"Are you sure about this, honey?" Mom chewed her lip as we pulled up to the airport.

I nodded, "One hundred percent." I laughed lightly. It's been a month since the trial, since everything with Christian, Escobar, Damien, Blake and Asher went down.

I haven't heard from any of them since Christian for a while. And when I came home from court, I learned that Jude and Will went to Alaska. Alaska. For a job with my dad. Obviously Asher doesn't know that Will is working for my dad. They were really upset they couldn't be here for when I left, but I promised to call them constantly.

"Noah are you completely sure? I mean you've been feeling really sick lately...if you know what I mean." Cameron whispered so my mom wouldn't hear.

"We don't know she's pregnant, Cam." Tyler rolled her eyes. "But if you find out you are you better call us right away. Okay?"

"I will." I sighed and hugged my sisters. They'd found out everything that went down too. The only ones who know are Ryland, Rhiannon, and my sisters. That's it. I wanted to talk to Asher before I left but I decided it'd be easier if I just didn't talk to him. I didn't want to stir anything up. It's hard enough getting over him now.

Mom dragged my suitcase and backpack over to me. I slipped the backpack on and grabbed the suitcase.

"Okay. You have your credit card, and debit card. Your father transferred more than enough money to last you the year. But if you need more, just send me a message. Here's your passport, birth certificate and plane ticket. Be safe, honey." Mom said with watery eyes.

I let out a small laugh. "I will, mom. I'll be back. Don't worry." She pulled me into a hug then kissed my cheek.

"I love you, Noah."

"I love you too, Mom." I smiled then turned to my sisters. "I'm going to miss you guys. Keep me updated on everything."

"Duh." They chorused and we all went into a group hug.

"Okay girls. Picture." Mom said and motioned for us to squeeze together. We did as she said and flashed smiles. "My triplets together one last time for a whole year."

"Crap, you have to go." Tyler looked at the time with wide eyes.

I gave everyone one last hug, "Love you!" I called back to them as I entered the security line. I'd taken a morning flight so the airport was pretty much empty.

They waved goodbye as I came up to the security checkpoint. I put all my belongings on the belt and made sure I had no metal on before stepping through the metal detector. I slipped my boots back on while I waited for them to be done checking my luggage.

"Have a safe flight, ms." The security guard smiled as I took my bags off the belt.

"Thank you, sir." I flashed a smile then made my way further into the airport. The airport looked more like a shopping mall than anything I had expected. The tiles under foot gleamed white and everywhere were people milling around. There were two glass elevators leading to an upper floor which had the appearance of a food mall. And in the middle of several large open areas were blue fabric covered seats. The air was cool and only the faint aroma coming down from the food area gave it any scent. Some stairs lead up to a viewing deck where eager children watched the airplanes take off and land. There were mounted telescopes for them to look through and the back wall was one large window. Behind the telescopes was a scale model of the airport with the runways marked on it.

I'd spotted a coffee shop and walked over to it. I ordered a large French vanilla coffee before I took it and made my way back to the seating area while me and a few other passengers waited for our flight.

I crossed my legs and sipped my coffee before pulling out my new writing journal. I wrote the date before I began describing the airport in great detail.

This is the start of a whole new life.

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