Chapter nine: My lemon squares!

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Chapter nine: My lemon squares!

Friday night, Tyler and Cameron invited Blake, Damien and Asher over to work on our projects. Damien and Blake showed up, but no Asher. I haven't seen him since I walked out of class on Monday.

"There's money for some food on the counter." Mom sighed as she slipped on her purse, "If you get bored since Asher's not here to work, you can invite some friends over."

I nodded, "Thanks mom."

She kissed my cheek, "By hon. Love you."

"You too." I said as I watched her walk down the driveway to meet with her new beau.

"Damn that's the third one in a week. Mom's a player." Cameron entered the kitchen and pulled out a bunch of sodas. "The guys said Asher might stop by to work on your project. Only your project." I gave her a look and she sighed placing the cans down. "Farrah is basically in love with him. She can't get his attention. I mean hell- I have a crush on him. But he doesn't pay attention to any of us and he won't, hence why she wanted him as her partner. To force him to spend time with her."

"You have a crush on Asher? What about what dad said?" I cocked an eyebrow and she rolled her eyes.

"Dad can't control who we like and or date."

"I mean...yea but-"

"Will you order a few pizzas? Farrah, Tianna and Jocelin are coming over with Gavin and Jake."

I sighed, "I mean I guess."

"Thanks sis." She said then ran into the living room. I quickly ordered four pizzas before I sat down and began writing in my notebook.

A little while later I felt like making lemon squares. Why do I have a sudden urge to make lemon squares?

"Alexa." I said and instantly my speaker from amazon lit up. "Play Do Re Mi by black bear." I stated and instantly the song began to play.

I began singing as I took out all the ingredients I needed. I preheated the oven before I took out a bowl and began mixing everything together.

The doorbell rang and I sighed making my way over to the door. I passed the living room where they were all sitting, ignoring the door. I sighed and opened it, I gave him the money and took the pizza. I closed the door with my foot and brought the food into the kitchen. I placed it on the counter and put my desert into the oven before tossing the dishes I used into the dishwasher and washing the counter. When everything was cleaned up, I sat down at the little island and opened the top box of pizza and began eating. I grabbed another slice and took a bite before I made my way into the living room where Tyler, Cameron, Tianna, Jocelin, Farrah, Blake, Damien and Asher were sitting. None of them were working. I grew worked up over the fact that Asher was here but I didn't say anything.

"Ty, cam." I stated and they turned to look at me.

"Oh shit guys, pizza." She said and they all jumped up and followed them into the kitchen. When they walked in, they seemed confused as to what I was doing in here rather than my room.

"I'm cooking and writing." I slammed my journal shut before tossing it on the counter next to the fridge.

"What're you writing?" Tyler asked as she stuffed her face with pizza.

"A song." I said and she nodded then turned to her friends. My phone began ringing and I smiled when I saw who was calling, "Orange."

"Orange?" Ryland asked incredulously with a light laugh.

"It's how she answers the phone cause people say 'yellow' so she says orange." I heard Rhiannon explain.

"Rhiannon's with you?" I said in confusion and of course, Blake and Damien turn to look at me which means everyone was looking at me.

"I'm in the car with her and Aiden." He sighed,

"Hey!" Aiden shouted in the background.

"Hi Aiden. She's not pregnant right?" I said jokingly; completely forgetting Blake was in the room. He began choking.

"Okay no." Rhiannon yelled and I laughed. "We're coming over!"

"Okay. Want me to save you guys pizza?" I asked and they all screamed yes. I laughed then hung up the phone.

"Who's coming over?" Cameron asked curiously.

"My friends. Mom said it's okay." I said and they nodded suspiciously. "What? Am I not allowed to have friends?"

"No it's just- we never see you talking to anyone besides Rhiannon." Tyler said instantly.

I made an 'o' shape with my mouth and nodded. "Well they go to riverside so."

"What? You can't be associating with them!" Gavin shrieked and I scowled at him before grabbing more pizza and making my way upstairs to my still packed room. I've been living out of boxes because I'm to lazy to unpack.

I decided maybe I should start unpacking and began to hang all my clothes up and toss them into drawers.

"Your brother is scary." Aiden said as he, Rhiannon and Ryland entered the room.

"I'm aware- ooo! We're finally unpacking?" She squealed in excitement.

"You've been here for a month and still haven't unpacked anything?" Ryland asked in amusement as he looked around my bare room.

"Well you're here now so I'm putting you to work." I smirked and handed him my box of books. "Thank you."

"Damn it." He grumbled and walked over to the shelf.

"Make sure they're organized by author!" I stated and he groaned then flipped over dramatically.

"Fine." He sighed as Rhiannon connected her phone to the speaker and began blasting 'down' by fifth harmony.

"It's like Bonnie and Clyde just walked in. A gangster and his bride just walked in. We on the same team and we ballin'. Got me showin' off my ring like I'm Jordan. And I'mma hold you down like you hold me. And I'll never tell a soul what you told me." I sang at the top of my lungs with Rhiannon while Ryland and Aiden cringed.

"Oh shush you know you love my craziness." Rhiannon rolled her eyes and hugged Aiden.

"You're right. I do. A lot."

Both Ryland and I began to coo at their cuteness, "Awe!"

The fire alarm began to go off and my eyes widened, "Fuck! My lemon squares!"

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