Chapter twenty five: What's my prize?

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Chapter twenty five: What's my prize?

"You're telling me that you love classic music but have never heard of the doors?" He asked me with wide eyes.

"Never." I admitted and he plugged his phone into the aux cord and began playing a song. I was completely taken aback when he began to sing along.

"Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you let me jump in your game. Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name? Hello, I love you let me jump in your game!" He sang at the top of his lungs and I couldn't control my laughter. "She's walking down the street blind to every eye she meets. Do you think you'll be the guy to make the queen of the angels sigh?"

I managed to sneak out my phone and began to record him. When the song was over, I turned the recording off and couldn't control my laughter. The song 'Me and Mr. Jones' came on by Amy Winehouse and Asher opened his mouth to start singing but I turned to music down before he could.

It didn't stop him though.

"What kind of fuckery is this?" He basically screamed and I slapped my hand over his mouth.

"Asher. Stop." I managed to wheeze out between laughs.

He flipped his imaginary long hair, "Aren't I a fabulous singer?"

"A bit pitchy, but amazing for the most part." I giggled and he let out a laugh.

"I like your laugh." He stated and my cheeks turned bright red.

"I like your laugh too. You don't do it very often." I stated and he nodded as we pulled up.

"Well, there's not much to be laughing about in my life." He sighed and climbed out. I climbed out after grabbing the bag he'd told me to bring of things for me to work out in and we were in an alley.

"Where are we?" I asked and he grabbed my hand before leading me into the dark alley. Suddenly after traveling down a flight of stairs, he clicked open a door and stepped in.

"Close the door." He said and I obeyed his orders. When it shut, he turned the lights on and we were in an old abandoned gym. The floor was concrete but there was black padding in the middle of everything. Scattered across the basement gym there were punching bags, weights, jugs of water, ropes, and a few weight benches. "This is where I come to work out." He stated.

"Why? I mean you have two really nice gyms back at the house." I said.

He pulled his shirt off leaving me with the sight of his perfectly chiseled chest and tattoos.

"See something you like?" A cocky smirk made its way to his face and I scowled. "And to answer your question, it's not crowded here. No one comes here and I like to work in peace."

"Makes sense." I shrugged in response.

"Go change, there's a bathroom in the back." He said and I nodded. I walked into the bathroom and changed into a pair of black track shorts and a red sports bra before I tied my hair up into a messy bun before I shoved my clothes into the bag and walked back out to where Asher was.

"Read-" he stopped mid sentence and I cocked an eyebrow.

"See something you like?" I mimicked and he glared.

"Shut up."

"Make me." I rolled my eyes and tossed the bag down before walking over to his side with a sigh. He handed me a pair of padded gloves. I slipped them on my hands and he sighed.

"Hit me."

"What?" I asked with wide eyes. "I am not hitting you!"

"Please, it's not going to hurt." He rolled his eyes, "Plus-"

He didn't need to say anymore, just doubting me is enough to make me mad. I hit him right across the jaw and he let out a laugh.

"Okay, ow." He rubbed his jaw. "Try again."

A few hours later, Asher laid flat on the ground completely out of breath and his cheeks were bruised, I was hovering over him worriedly, "Are you okay?"

He just sighed and nodded with a smile, "Never been better hon."

My cheeks turned bright red at the nickname and he noticed but didn't say anything. He sat up and I sat down besides him.

"Tomorrow's Christmas Eve."

"Sí." I said nodding.

"I apologize in advance for the craziness that comes with a Storms' family Christmas." He said

"Can't be worse than a Carson Christmas." I stated and he 'tssked'.

"Highly doubt that. Last year my grandparents and cousins got into a gravy fight and my parents got into a fist fight with Damien's parents over the last roll."

My eyes widened, "Who ended up getting it?"

"I ate it when they weren't looking." He shrugged and my eyes widened.

"You're unreal."

"How'd your last Christmas go?" He cocked an eyebrow as if I couldn't one up his story.

I could easily top that. "We got locked out of the house and our turkey ended up lighting on fire. My eighty two year old grandmother ended up smashing the window in with her cane and climbed in through the back without any of us knowing and since we weren't aware, the police arrived and arrested her. My sisters and I were instantly jumping at the cops because they were being rude to an old lady and we all ended up getting arrested but my parents were at the store and had no idea what was going on. I had to call Jude and my boyfriend at the time to come bail us out because we couldn't get ahold of my parents which just resulted in my boyfriends parents growing furious for us ruining their Christmas Eve and they ended up following us to our house but when we got there, my parents and his parents ended up arguing, his sister who despises Jude and I managed to get into my house and come out with an pair of scissors and cut Cameron's hair, then came at me, trying to stab me with them but Chase jumped in front of me and tried to stop her but the scissors went through his hand and once again the cops arrived and arrested the sister, and the parents and my mom refused to help them because of what that psychotic bitch tried to do so I ended up in the hospital with Chase, and my family was forced to stay in a motel because our kitchen has burned down." I finished and his eyes widened.

"Okay you win." He stated.

"What's my prize? If I won?" I asked jokingly.

"This." He stated before leaning over to me, I was leaning back on my arms so he was basically hovering over me. Is he going to kiss me?

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