Chapter twelve: Aye aye captain.

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Chapter twelve: Aye aye captain.

"What are you going to be doing with the gun, Asher?" I said and the blood drained from my face. When he didn't respond, my heart sped up. "Asher."

"I'm not killing anyone for fucks sake, Noah." He yelled when he realized what I was thinking. "I just need to get some money that I'm owed."

"Can you blame me for thinking that? I mean- you're fucking intimidating for one, two, have you heard the rumors about you? Three, you came to Rhiannon's in the middle of the night with fucking stab wounds, four, my dad has warned me about you, multiple times saying that you're extremely dangerous! How do you even know my dad?" I yelled back and his jaw clenched.

"Good, they should be fucking scared, and yea, you really believe all the rumors you head? And yes. I did. But you seemed to know exactly what to do so what's that about? Huh? And Caden is right, I am extremely dangerous. I just don't know why the fuck I didn't know he was your dad!" He yelled angrily. Him being angry just made me more angry.

"Why the fuck does that make you happy that people are scared of you? And yeah, sometimes I do! And yeah, so what? I know how to clean a cut up. Whoopdie doo!" I said using jazz hands to emphasize my sarcasm, "And why is my dad any of your business?"

"It's my business because your father fucking hates me and wants me dead."

I gasped, "No! Really? I never would've guessed." My voice dripped with sarcasm. "Why does he want you dead is what I'm asking you!"

"You don't know anything about your father, do you?" He asked calming down.

"I met him for the first time only a few months ago. So no. I don't know him too well." I managed to calm myself down.

"Your father is a very cruel man. He runs a gang called the diavolos. Enemies of my gang." He gripped the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white. Diavolo is devil in Italian.

My heart stopped, "M-My dads a gang leader?"

"Yes. And Antonio Milano is in your father's gang. Along with that Ryland kid and Rhiannon's boyfriend."

"What? Do you think she knows?" I asked growing scared for her safety.

He snorted, "A guy like him from the diavolo's is proud of it. Likes to show it off. My bet is that she knows. And doesn't want Blake to know because Blake's in the rivalry gang. She'll be torn. Unless she doesn't know for that exact reason, so she doesn't have to be torn. So she doesn't get involved with either group and they've come to a silent agreement to just protect her."

"It has to be the second one. She would've mentioned something." I said shaking my head then my eyes widened, "Wait- you're in a gang?" I shrieked.

He rolled his eyes, "We've gone over this. Yes. I am the leader of the mayhem. Most wanted gang in New York City. Hence why I have the alias."

"B-but you're only seventeen!"

"Eighteen." He corrected me, "And my dad was in charge before me. When I turned sixteen I began to shadow him, when I turned seventeen I started to take over, now at eighteen I have complete control."

I put my head in my hands and rubbed my temples. My father is a gang leader. Antonio, Ryland and Xavier are in this gang. As is Aiden. Rhiannon's boyfriend. And Rhiannon is Blake's sister, and Blake, and Damien are in his rival gang, which Asher runs. My dad wants Asher dead.

"Why does my dad want you dead?" I sat up and shook my head in confusion. None of this adds up.

He stiffened, "I killed your aunt."

My heart stopped, "A-aunt Lisa?" I asked and he nodded. "My mom said she got into a car crash! She died two years ago you were only sixteen! Why- how did you kill her?"

"She stabbed my mom in the stomach. Killing my little brother. I panicked, grabbed a gun, and shot her. That's the moment my dad knew I was worthy of protecting my gang." He said. "I'm sorry if it affected you."

"No I didn't know her I just- why would she do that?" I shook my head in confusion.

"Because the baby's father wasn't my dad, it was your uncle. They were having an affair. My dad found out and he forgave her but I guess your aunt couldn't fully forgive your uncle until it was taken care of." He gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Once again, I was trying to think this through. Asher is leader of the mayhem. My father is leader of the diavolos. Antonio, Xavier, Ryland and Aiden are in my dads gang. Rhiannon is dating Aiden, but has no clue of his gang affiliations. Blake is Rhiannon's brother, he knows about Aiden being in my dads gang but they've come to a silent agreement. Blake is in mayhem, as is Damien. My dad hates mayhem not only for being their rival but because Asher killed my aunt; his sister because she tried to kill his mom and killed her unborn child for having an affair with my uncle.

What the fuck.

"I have a question for you." Asher stated bringing me back to reality.


"How the fuck did your friend Jude meet Antonio?"

Good question. "They met at a drag race apparently. Jude has a problem with gambling so he would always do stupid little jobs for Tony to get out of his debt. Either that or he would get beaten almost to you think Jude knows about my dad? Do you think he's in his gang?" My eyes widened in shock.

"That's the only thing that makes sense. Jobs for Milano could be code for doing jobs for your father and keeping him updated on how you and your sisters are doing." He said as we pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. He took the gun from my hands and loaded it. "Stay here."

"Aye aye captain." I said and waved him off. He rolled his eyes and locked the doors before running across the field. I turned the radio on so I had a distraction, keeping me from realizing that Asher may very well be killing someone inside.

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