Chapter twenty seven: Including me.

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Chapter twenty seven: Including me.

"Are you kidding me? You're really going to date Chase?" Jude yelled angrily and I winced.

"Jude it's-"

"You know what, when he breaks your heart, just like that, you'll start to forget too. You'll forget the color of his eyes, then the exact shade of his hair, they way it framed his face. The shape of his lips, the way they pressed against you own, a silent promise beneath the admiration of an evening sunset. The ghost of your name under his breath, as you took his breath away yet again, as if your entire existence was a miracle. His snarl, the way you heard him yell for the first time, the despair inducing words that poured out from behind his lips. The despair you felt in your soul when he picked someone else over you, when he broke that promise, broke the trust, broke the image of the person you thought you knew.
You'll forget it all, the same way he forgot you. So there's no fucking use when he's just going to break you like he did!"

I threw the glass cup I'd been drinking out of down. "He is not Christian."

"How do you know, Noah? How? It hasn't even been a year since you broke up." Will sighed, "I agree with Jude on this one."

"Christian didn't mean to hurt me! He was drunk and he-he didn't know what he was doing!" I yelled as tears blurred my vision. "Chase is nothing like Christian!"

Christian and I got together when I was thirteen and he was fifteen. Almost three years we were together.

"Chase parties. Christian parties. Chase was a player. Christian was also a ladies man. The only difference is that you met Christian when you were in the system." Jude snapped at me.

Tears poured down my face, as Will spoke. "Bubs when you were seven, to when you were ten. That man did awful things to you and Christian always was there to save you. He seemed good, but then just a few months ago he-he did exactly what that man did to you, breaking you even more. Why are you going to trust Chase? Especially now?"

"I'm not listening to this. I'm going out with him tonight and that's that. He isn't Christian." I stated matter of factly.

I sat up in my bed and took a sharp inhale of breath. Christian.

Salty tears poured down my face as I ran over to the dresser where my phone was charging. I took it off charge and turned the light on as I read the time.

3:42 am.

I ignored the time and dialed my moms number as I sat on the floor, rocking back and forth crying. No answer.

"Fuck!" I screamed.  

"Calm down, bubs." A familiar voice stated. My head shot up to the bathroom door frame and there stood Will. My heart dropped.

"Will?" I said breathlessly. I turned my head and grabbed my phone. I opened my camera up. And he was still there. "Will." I began to cry. I got up and ran into my best friends arms.

"I'm here." He stated, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"How are you here?" Was all I managed to choke out.

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